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Weight of Skis

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I ski on Fischer's, the RC4 Air Carbon Ti. Man, are they heavy.
Are all the shape skis this heavy?? I've skied on these for 4-5 years. Are the newer skis lighter??
The positive thing about these heavy Fischer's is that they want to stay on the snow. They feel "magnetic" to the snow. And they are fast on groomers!!
Looking for comments on the weight of ski's these days.
Also, I wish I had bought more of an all moutain ski. What ski would be lighter in weight and more of an all mountain ski??
I hate lugging these ski's!!!
I realize some of this weight is due to the plate bindings. (heavy)
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Some are heavier than others, a Metron B5 for example is on the heavy end, go to a Goode Carbon 74 on the extreme other end. You might notice the weight of some of these heavier skis when you are carrying them but you really don't feel them on the snow. I take a feel for swing weight vs. dead weight.
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A ski bag with a handle helps....A LOT!!!
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I cured my metron 'weight' issue with some velcro straps and a bit of wide nylon. No probs now to and from the car. The only time I ever notice the weight now is if there isn't a foot rest on the lift...
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It seems to me, that in many cases, the upper level skiis are heavier. They have more metal in the bindings and sometimes more metal in the ski itself. That often translates into a ski that is more stable and has more edge hold at speed.

Case study - A few years ago I was skiing some Atomic 11.20's(heavy), and my buddy with some Rossi's Cut 10.4's (light). It was spring type snow with piles of snowcone type stuff. With his skis he would hit the piles and get thrown off. He tried my skis and sliced right through these piles. He called my skis "snow magnets" and went out and bought a similar pair.
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All Fischer RC4's have a wood core and metal and like other wood core/metal skis, are relatively heavy carrying them from the parking lot to the hill when compared with most (not all) foam core skis. Fischer's generally have a light feeling on the snow though. Depending on the swing weight of the ski, some skis will feel relatively heavier than others when actually skiing.
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I remember when Dynastars were light skis, now they are heavy.
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Skugrud.....It is amazing how well the RC4's blast through the crud.
I wouldn't say my Fischer's ski light. They are very well grounded on the snow. Excellent grip.
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My RX8's and AMC 76's were about the same weight as a lot of other skis, though they skied "light." It's more about the binding than the ski, anyway; if you check out binding weights, Tyrolia/Fischer comes out roughly in the middle. You want heavy, go try a Line or Elan or Atomic. You want light, go ski a partly or completely foam core ski with the new Salomon bindings, which are about a pound lighter than anyone else.
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You want light? Get some AT skis.
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Binding weight can be significant. A friend and I have the same ski and length, his with demo Looks, mine with Rossi Scratch. Four or Five pounds difference as I recall.

Dynastar 4800 is a light, very good all mtn. ski, especially for a lighter weight pre height, or not mach III charger.
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Originally Posted by Noah View Post
Binding weight can be significant.
I think this is correct. From what I've read, demo bindings add a lot of weight.

Skis that are too heavy bother me... I've actually had my legs start to numb on lifts that don't have footrests when wearing heavy demo skis. This is why recently I opted for the Tyrolia SLD (super light) series instead of LD series... The DIN max is not much different (11 vs. 12), and I don't plan on cranking them near that far anyways! I figure there's no reason for the extra weight...
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I was just weighing things for my flight on Saturday. Yeah, binding weight is significant. What I measured...

192 Elan 777 - 10 lbs 12 oz
186 Nordica GSR w/ plate - 11 lbs
Marker 20.0 bindings - 6lbs 12 oz
Fischer FF17 bindings - 6lbs 11 oz
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I used to ski a pair of Volkl P50 w/Marker 1300 Titanium Piston. They were lighter than the Volant's I had before and fairly light overall. Last year I demo'd a pair of 175 Volkl Allstar's. They were noticably heavier then my P50's even though they were 8cm shorter. Yet on the snow they handled like a dream and I didn't even notice the weight. Then I tried on my friends Atomic Izor 3.1's. WOW. Talk about a light ski. I could definitely tell the difference going down the hill. Those things felt extremely squirrley and did not have solid edge hold.

The only disadvantage I see to heavy skis is on the long lifts or if you make a lot of jump turns or tricks.
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