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bear story

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Did this one get here before? (Like stop me if you've heard it.)

So this guy goes out hunting bear. He sees a big grizzly and shoots, but his aim is off and he misses. The bear is really upset and precedes to maul him nearly to death.

He recovers in the hospital and the next year he goes out with a bigger gun and a better sight. He sees the same bear, raises his rifle and shoots, just as the bear steps behind a tree. The bullet ricochet's harmlessly away, but once again, the bear just rips the guy to shreds.

Next year, very determined, he goes hunting again, with a kalasnikov with intention to spray the bear with bullets. He sees the bear, goes to shoot, and trips. Bullets fly everywhere but once again, the bear remains unscathed.

The bear again charges, and grabs the hunter, pulls him up to his face, looks him in the eye, and says, "This isn't about the hunting, is it!"
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I heard a similiar one where the guy goes back for revenge but each time encounters a bigger bear.

Each time he ends up getting .... er .... buggered : , by a bigger bear extracting his own revenge.

The punchline .... as he's getting it again .... "Admit it, you aren't here for the hunting, it's the sex isn't it? ... "
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Yuki, yes, I heard your version as well. Both are good, although Weems' is a bit more polite...
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