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New Boots - Budget

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I called Jim Mates today as per the suggestions I received a few weeks ago and made an appointment for Saturday morning.

I'm going to go in with my old boots, and he'll go over what to look for in new boots, and hopefully make some suggestions. The process on saturday is supposed to take an hour.

I've budgeted $600 for new boots, mostly because that's all I have to spend. I want to do things the right way, but I need to figure out if this is a realistic budget so I don't get into something I can't afford - I'm a poor college student. I'll ask Jim what his prices are on Saturday, but I'd like to hear from other people who've gone through a similar process regarding what their costs were.

Presumably I'll be trying to find boots from last season, but even then, can I get into a good, performance boot, with footbeds and Jim's rates for at or under $600? My current boots, which are too big, are X-Wave 9.0s, and I'd like to end up with a boot on the same level performance-wise. When I was inSturevants, I mentioned my budget and the salesman immediately began showing me lower-end boots, which were still priced around $400. I'd like to buy from the shop if I'm going to be in there trying boots on, but at those prices I'm guessing I can save a considerable amount by buying online. Does anyone have experience buying boots from Sturtevants, Fiorini Sports, or other stores in Seattle?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I had Jim work on my boots a couple of years ago (alignment issues). It cost about $160.00 and that didn't include footbeds or liners. I took in a pair of Nordica Beasts that ran about $400 (so that puts me close to your $600 right there) but I bought them at REI and bought them a size too big. I wish I'd asked for Jim's suggestions before I purchased - he was amazingly knowledgeable.

My husband went to Sturtevants and had custom footbeds done($160) and Intuition liners ($180) so if you need either of those, be prepared to pay more. But, for what it's worth, my brother in law went to Sturtevants too and they did an excellent job fitting him. He's in a Beast 12 and didn't need footbeds or liners - that lucky dog has "easy" feet. I believe he paid about $500 for the boots.

Anyway, enjoy your time with Jim. His knoweldge blew me away
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try rei

reasonable prices. guarentee.good for most except weird-one
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Be honest with him. Tell him your budget and expectations. Ask for his recommendations and if he has something meeting your budget and performance buy it. If not, ask for last years boots or for him to recommend a boot for you to buy online. Tell him you plan to come back in for custom footbeds, fitting, and his work and I wouldn't think he'd have a problem.

I got into a 2 year old, brand new pair of Lange 120 Comp's for $98 shipped off ebay so there's deals to be had. A similar deal would leave plenty of money left for fitting.
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Brand new Xwave 10 or any other boot in that performance range should run you about $450-500. Assuming bootfitting is free when you buy the boot from his shop, and adding in about $100 for a custom footbed, and youu're in at or below your budget.

Don't buy your boots online unless you enjoy being charged $50-100/hr for bootfitting services.
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Check out levelninesports.com
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Thanks guys. I'm going to see Jim in an hour. Jim doesn't sell boots, so I will have to buy them elsewhere, and take them to him for the work.
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