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Reviewing some of the injury stats and percentages available I thought it might be interesting to hear what epic skiers report and how this compares to the tabulated rates. If you like you can share what injuries you have experience and how long you have been skiing.

If you participate please list your injury,what you were doing when it ocurred, and what your skill level was at the time of your accident.

I skied from 1976-1985(about 20 ski days per year) before recently getting back into skiing.

Other than minor custs and bruises from falling down my only injury was a fractured ankle after falling down while getting off the lift at Killington when someone fell onto my skis.
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I jammed my thumb once or twice when I fell and landed with my ski pole positioned underneath my thumb joint. Hurt pretty bad for a day or two while I worried about how much damage I had done to my hand, but I never got any of them looked at.

I've fallen and slammed my knee into the edge of my ski. I got a nasty, deep, colorful bruise from that one. Ended my day, but I was able to ski again three or four days later.

My worst injury (*knock on wood*) occurred whlie skiing some pretty heavy early-season "powder" at Killington on 160-something slalom skis. Never again. I went to turn left and my right foot didn't turn, but pretty much everything else did. I wound up wrenching my right knee pretty badly. The pain subsided as soon as I released my binding, so I just skied the rest of the day. Once the lifts stopped, I was basically in tears trying to navigate all three stairs back to the base lodge. I couldn't put any weight on my leg. I was pretty sure my season was over , especially when I woke up the next morning basically unable to walk. And then somehow the next day everything instantly got better. No idea what that one was. I never did have it looked at.

So, I've been skiing since Dec. 1992. Probably about 20 days a year or so for the first 9 years, and then I've been getting 50 or so for the past four or five years now. Only one injury (the knee-tweaking one) that I was truly scared about.
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I've been skiing since the winter of 67-68. In 73 as an intermediate/advanced skier, I broke a bone in my hand due to not having my pole straps on properly. The only other injury was torn meniscus, which I had trimmed a few weeks ago. I don't even know for sure how I did that one. I ski, on average, about 45-55 days per year.
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Skiing since Dec 2003. 20-30 days on snow per season. Intermediate level. Late winter/early spring of 05 while coming down lower main at Sat(blue), a snow snake reached out of the snow and grabbed my skis. Next thing I know I am upside down eventually landing hard on my back. Knocked the wind out and left me with a major bruise of the lower rib cage. Was off the hill for 6-7 wks just from the pain and loss of range of motion. Got in a couple trips late that year. No other injuries to report. Thankfully.
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Back in 1976 (?) I was really just a novice skier, but I'd been skiing Marjies at Camelback all day on slushy conditions. I went into the bar at day's end, had some beers and shots and a cutie liftie asked me to go out skiing (for free) with him. While I was getting sloshed, the wind had hit the hill and turned it from slush into ice. Careening totally out of control down Marjie's the trail at the time took a sharp turn to the left. Right at the same point in the trail there were washboards. My knee slammed into my chin as I hit the washboards and I went off into the trees. Result was stitches to the chin, but I should have been dead. I don't drink and ski anymore.
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started skiing 1997 late season...
1998... strained medial ligament....
2000 or so.... tore calf muscle.... leg black from knee to ankle... but after a night of RICE nothing hurt... so I skied on it for 2.5-3 weeks until we decided the swelling in the leg should get looked at... had to remove boot every hour and return blood to upper body so I could feel toes... Doc went nuts because I had been skiing on it....
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No reported injuries after skiing for about 35 years. I did have a sore thumb once or twice, and may have slightly sprained a knee or two when I was just starting, and I hurt my heels once landing hard on ice after flying too high. I also knocked myself out once, but I came to before I crash-landed. I guess that would be a cuncusion; I was a bit woozy for the rest of the day. Might have sprained a muscle or two now and then. That's it. Motorcycle crashes and full-contact karate bigger risks of injury.
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Began skiing Jan 17, 1995, on average 7-10 days per year since then (15 days a couple seasons). Typical bumps and bruises. 1999 in Breckenridge was taking a lesson with our family and was skiing Devil's Crotch with the instructor when I had what he called "one of the best, most classic falls I've ever seen; I wish I had a camera to record that!" Thankfully no injury. 2001 at Ski Beech, NC jammed my thumb pretty well which got better a few months later. 2004 at Ski Beech again, just lost balance and in the process fell into the ski pole handle which resulted in a split lip. 2005 Mt Rose, NV was the scariest moment I can recall. Had comfortably skied The Chutes during the morning and it was quickly turning into our favorite part of the mountain, while at the same time turning into a wiped clean sheet of ice. Later in the afternoon caught an edge at the very top of the run and slid uncontrolably for a few hundred yards. Goggles came unsnapped from the back of my helmet, both poles fell off (was unable to self arrest), and I narrowly missed some trees, during the entire fall thinking I'm probably gonna be taken off in a helicopter (one had just taken someone off earlier). After coming to a stop at the bottom was able to mirraculously stand up and walk and seriously say a pray of thanksgiving, after which I questioned if I'd ever want to ski again. Friends who were at the top and saw the whole thing said at best they figured I would have some broken bones, at worst...well you can imagine. It was by the grace of God that I was ok. A few scrapes on the head from where snow got stuck in the helmet and just rubbed it raw and some good bruises later I was skiing the next day, albeit very serioulsy shaken. Definitely something psychological about a "ride" like that.
And actually Ghost, you were technicially spared a concussion from the way you described it. Was just listening to someone talk about concussions this morning and they clarified that the definition of concussion is confusion and amnesia either before, during, or after the event. Glad to know that's the worst of it though and you're still skiing strong!
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I started in about 1966 or so and had a few lean years until 1990, since then have done about 30 days a year on average. Jambed both thumbs many times, sprained one shoulder the day I passed my sled test and finally got a chance to wear a rust and blue jacket. (although I did get one 9.3 from someone on the chair for that crash---it was thrown out as the lone really high score by the judges!). So far, thats it for skiing---aside form the occasional scrape , minor cut or bruise.

Then I found snowboards for a few years, sprained both ankles at different times and both wrists. Separated my AC joint, got a minor concussion, an ambulance ride complete with cervical collar AND had to buy beer for weeks all from one rather spectacular toe side slap.

Gave that board to my daughter a few years later.

So, for all the time I've been doing this, I have had really good luck!
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injury stats and percentages

paulr......................where did you find these?
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My second season skiing (last year; advanced beginner/low intermediate, age 36) -- first day of the season on the slopes -- dumped it on some ice and tweaked my lower back big time. Skied to the bottom, waddled back to the car, drove home, but couldn't get out of the house for over a week. Hardly made it out of bed or my easy chair with a heat/massage pad for several days. Rather scary (and probably foolish for not seeking patrol/med attention quickly). Hope that never happens again.
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I'm 34 now and been skiing since 1976, both Alpine and Nordic (Crosscountry).

My only real injury on skis is a broken thumb in 2005. I felt down after a jump on a kicker and the thumb somehow has been broken after twisting by the combination of a loop&grip of my poles and hitting the piste. I would rate myself as an advanced skier.

Until 2005, I had basically no injury, except some bruises and other minor issues after falling down. Even hitting some trees couple of times without any injury.

I ski quite often - until 1990 lived in mountain area close to ski resort. During 1990-1996 concentrated mainly to Nordic, from 1997 mainly Alpine skiing again with about 15-20 ski days a year.
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Torn ACL second season on skis. Skill level......Zero.

Damaged a muscle in my arse when I collided with a little girl in 2003. Ink black imprint of her binding stayed there for weeks. Still have the lump. Skill level......better than Zero.

That's it. I'd have brain damage from a snowboarder blindsiding incident if not for my helmet.

Ask what injuries I have from working.......there's a list to be reckoned with!:
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Originally Posted by PaulR View Post
Reviewing some of the injury stats and percentages available I thought it might be interesting to hear what epic skiers report and how this compares to the tabulated rates. If you like you can share what injuries you have experience and how long you have been skiing.

If you participate please list your injury,what you were doing when it ocurred, and what your skill level was at the time of your accident.
I've been skiing for over 25 years, thousands of ski days, and have never been seriously injured. Unless you count the time back in 1981, when, as an intermediate, I took a jump, landed in soft snow and my skis stopped, my body kept going, and I couldn't raise my left arm over my shoulder for 3 weeks, but didn't miss any ski time.
Or the time in April 1992, advanced skier, while skiing bumps at Hunter, I absorbed a bump and it felt like an M80 exploded in my knee. Turned out to be maniscus damage and I missed the last 2 weeks of the season, no surgery, Physical Therapy resolved it.

Or the time in March 1996, as an advanced skier in Whistler, I was skiing a permanently closed chute off the peak chair and skied the wrong exposure. It was a day of soft snow, but I found blue ice with a 4 inch dusting on a 50 degree slope. my friend went first and took most of the coating off. I hop turned into it, my tips held but my tails started sliding. Rather than go backwards, I went down on my hip, and got my edges off the snow, then got my skis across the fall line and started to dig my edges in when I hit the top of an 50 foot evergreen that couldn't be seen from above. I flipped over, falling head first onto a boulder with my shoulder, I was able to move my unhelmeted head out of the way at the last second. 2nd degree AC-joint shoulder seperation, missed 1 day of skiing.

Or 1 month later, skiing spring bumps with a second degree shoulder separation, I stopped at the end of the snow and lost my balance. I fell over in slow motion and stopped myself with an outstretched arm. Second turned into third degree AC-joint shoulder separation. surgery a year later fixed it, No lost ski time.
Or the time New Years eve, 1999, as an advanced skier, I was skiing backcountry and I skied over what I thought was a drift. It turned out to be a snow covered boulder. My skis stopped dead, I kept going. my knee went down with my patella hitting square on that boulder. Bruised my Bursar Sac(Knee), missed 5 weeks of skiing.
Or 2 months later, when on March 1, 2000, as an advanced skier, I had just come off a great bump run down Steins (double black) at Sugarbush. Psyched by the run, I got a little cocky as I took off down the green run to the lift at a very fast clip. I was rebounding hard into every turn when I rebounded a little too much and lost my balance. I should have recovered, but still rehabing from the previous injury, I decided to sit down. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the speed I was going until I didn't slow down enough before I went off trail. at the berm, I dug my in my skis in an attempt to stop, but momentum carried ny COM past my skis. as I crossed over my skis, I felt that infamous POP. Missed the rest of the year, ACL reconstructive surgery one month later on April 1, skied the following October.
Or the time at Jay Peak, 2003, when as an advanced skier, I was skiing through the woods and came up on a streambed. It was too close to stop, and turning was not an option with trees on either side of me. I tried to air it, got across but tails landed in soft snow, while tips were on terra firma on the opposite bank. As my tails sank into the snow, I felt my calves stretch, and just before my bindings released, I felt a tear. Strained Gastroc cost a week of skiing, and about 5 weeks of skiing in pain.
Other than that, I've never been hurt skiing. Oh yeah, as long as you don't count at least a dozen fall induced aches and pains over the years.
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I don't even want to chronicle all of them. :

Suffice to say that if the "average" is 3.5 injuries that require some kind of treatment for every 1,000 skier days, I'm average.

Bummer. :
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Fell on first run one year and hyperextended thumb. Did it a couple times that season. No treatment sought. Cure, lose wrap-around pole grips.

Broke a fibula once tripping over an invisible lift-line marker at night. No treatment sought. Didn't even know about it till a couple years later when my leg was Xrayed because of a much more serious mountain bike accident.
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Been skiing for over 30 years.

Broken arm
MCL and meniscus tears both knees
2 cracked ribs (snowboarder collison)
Shoulder seperation
Torn rotator cuff and tendon ligament tears both shoulders
3 concussions
Jammed thumbs

Still love the sport
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Forgot to add one. I was skiing in about a foot of new over a firm base that had been rained on prior to the new snow. There had been a wet-snow slide from the rain that then left frozen chunks of debris under the new stuff. I was going pretty fast, caught a ski, got flipped around backwards, went airborne for about 20' and landed on my back on top of another frozen chunk right between my shoulderblades. I was able to ski down but just got my wife and went home. I went to a doc friend a couple days later; torn rotator cuff, cracked rib, and internal bruising. He gave me a bagful of Vioxx and sent me on my way. I heli-skied the next week. I've also had some shoulder separations and other assorted injuries over the years but never sought any treatment and don't count them. Hmmmm....maybe my number is a lot closer to the average than I thought?
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Never been hurt skiing(430 days), I am willing to bet my first serious injury will come from Mountain Biking and not skiing.

edit wow I keep Forgeting my concusion I suffered December of Last year. Skiing the sterotypical groomed blue groomer. I hit my Supervisor as he was coming straight up the hill while carving a circle. Only injury to date.
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hmmm....after reading 2-turns, BWPA, and my own, there seems to be a trend. It's not that we don't get hurt skiing, we just are in total denial about injuries. Kind of reminds me of Monty Python, "It's merely a flesh wound." (as his arm is cut off at the shoulder)
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First injury in 40 years, last day of 2006 season, at least for me. Torn knee cartilage and partially torn ACL. Much of the damage may have been done prior to ski injury.

I was skiing in 6 inches of slush and got in the back seat. Pulled myself out of the back seat, and hurt my knee. It felt unstable, so I fell. Got back up, it felt weird. Took one more run, and called it a season. No pain, very little if any swelling, just didn't feel right.

Gave it 6 months to get stable. It didn't, so I went to ortho surgeon. 5 weeks ago had arthroscopic surgery. See MRI/Radiologist post for the rest of the story.
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- 3 concussions (2 with helmet, 1 w/o)
- broken thumb and multiple sprains of various other phalanges
- 2 broken ribs
- tweakage of most other appendages at some point or another
- I broke my arse on a rock once
- various minor cuts and bruises

Skied for about 15 days a year for 15 years and about 140 days a year 3 outta the last five years. I figure you won't get better if ya don't push yourself, but then again it is kinda tough to push yourself when you're hurt.
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Sprained thumbs way back in old days landing jumps!

Torn meniscus. tore in Race course, caught tip on a bamboo gate.

Fractured Fibula. At very bottom of fibula down inside boot. Caught a tip on a gate in a warm up course on a pair of 207 Volkl P10 Rs Supers and released. 0 degrees out, had boots loose. No pins or screws,. Back skiing in 5 weeks.

Was hit by a snowboarder. Was on a completely open slope with no one else on it, night skiing boarder jumped out of woods up onto onto the run and absolutely tatooed me. Broken goggles, face lacerations, bloody nose, intense delirium. Knocked me out of both skis! I was clipping along at about 35 MPH.
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post
I don't even want to chronicle all of them. :

Suffice to say that if the "average" is 3.5 injuries that require some kind of treatment for every 1,000 skier days, I'm average.

Bummer. :
Interesting... I guess I'm above the average, only had 2 that required attention my whole life and if I had to guess I'm above 3000 days on snow.

Mine, required treatment:
Permanent Muscle Damage, lower lumbar region (hit my forehead to my boot and snapped back up - I used to not let myself fall - I've since learned): wanted a pic jumping a friend who was over 6 feet tall, he wanted to see the jump, I hit a slightly different angle and landed on perfectly flat ice from about 12 feet.

Worst concussion I've ever had, only one with memory loss (still don't know what took me down - before proliferation of helmets): all I know is I hit the side of my head on ice, no idea why or how.

No treatment:
Chronic water on the knees and some grinding - years of abuse.

Skiers thumb a few times

Almost took out my eye with a pole - hit a jump and the landing was not fully there, tails caught it, buried me forward and the pole (grip) broke my goggles, got a nice shiner, and minor cut under my eye

Good "thwacks" on the head - most memorable, being bored back east, decided to "tail stand" while waiting for the lift, tails crossed the red line and didn't come back (I was in my instructor jacket too and cracking up about it)

Good knock on the knee cap - tried to cross block a small aspen tree with my boot last year (hidden behind the one I saw). Instead of taking the impact on the boot, I got it square on the knee.

BIG softball sized hematoma from attempting boxes - landed directly on the hip on the metal edge of the box.

Stupid injuries -
Torn shoulder (supra spinadus I believe it was) lugging ski bag and skis through Vancouver Airport or Logan (don't really know when or how, just that was about the begining of the pain).

Much blood donated to Ullr learning to tune

Strained MCL playing beach volleyball at my old home area in the summer with a bunch of other instructors

So only two that required medical attention, but if I were to list the injuries I've seen, that's a whole 'nuther story.
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Let's see...

...don't remember the exact years, but this has all been within the last 8 years or so:

- Torn rotator cuff. My orthopod was about to cut (he's knife happy) until he looked at the MRI...so I got to do therapy three days a week for 3 months and that fixed it.

- Broken left arm and dislocated shoulder. What a laugh. I had just finished doing some intense SL training on the steep and I was just out doing some cruising with a buddy. High-sided on a bump, and blam.

- Broken collarbone. I was at Keystone and I got turfed by a snowboarder coming out of the woods. Oh, and a mild concussion...
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post
I don't even want to chronicle all of them. :

Suffice to say that if the "average" is 3.5 injuries that require some kind of treatment for every 1,000 skier days, I'm average.

Bummer. :
I went to the patrol room and to a doctor a few days later with a broken collarbone. Apparently it required no treatment. I was not even offered a sling. It's still in two pieces 3 years later. Imagine that!

So, no serious injuries from skiing yet. Never got hurt snowboarding either, but I've taken out some skiers.
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Originally Posted by justinrichards View Post
Was just listening to someone talk about concussions this morning and they clarified that the definition of concussion is confusion and amnesia either before, during, or after the event. Glad to know that's the worst of it though and you're still skiing strong!
In that case I have had a few concussions:
I got hit with some angle iron and had tunnel vision, but I remember it well. It hurt like hell. Doc Romanov ( I think his name was) said I had a concussion, but didn't think x-rays were needed. He sent me home with a couple of tylenols and told me to stay in bed for a day or two.

Broken bones not from skiing:

X-ray Confirmed: Both big toes, scaphoid, capitate, ribs, radius, scapula (bottom of shoulder blade), glenoid (crushed joint where shoulder blade meets arm bone), clavicle (collar bone displaced fractur), cuniform (one of those foot bones), radius.

Possible didn't bother to get x-rayed or treated; I had a friend who had his broken finger fixed and subsequently couldn't bend it, so I decided to be like my other friend's dad and just let them heal: fingers, smaller toes, fifth metatarsal. Maybe cracked skull; some people have told me I need my head examined

Additonal Concussions:

I got hit with a Canadian Club back in the 1970s.

Then there was the time a few Zombies attacked me back in the '80s.

Shortly after crashing my bike at about 110mph back in the early '90s, I was feeling a little poorly and the Tylenol 3s were'nt doing any good. That's when Jack Danials gave me a terrible whooping.
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Skiing since age 9 (39 years) about 25 days per season--last 20 years about 50 per season. No injuries at all except:
Torn medial meniscus---2 arthroscopies.
Broke right 4th finger snowboarding in a thundersnow storm after doing five shots of Goldschlager at 10 AM (don't ask!)
Torn lateral meniscus-never fixed it.
Sprained medial collateral ligament--fixed itself.
Torn posterior horn (Knee cartilage)--fixed itself.
Rotator cuff with biceps tendon impingement--fixed itself.
Torn triangular fibrocartilage (wrist)--2 months in a cast and it fixed itself.
Broke tailbone in powder by crashing butt into unseen rock. Kept skiing but couldn't sit down flat on chairlifts for 3 weeks. Fixed itself.
Blown ACL--cadaver graft this summer---seems well now.
One minor concussion slipping on ice in parking lot of the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar at JH---wife thinks there are residual effesctstss.
"Gamekeeper's thumb" from bad pole plant--fixed itself.
20 stitches in right ear after almost slicing it off with a ski edge during a slide for life down Hangman's Hollow.
15 stitches in chin after biting through it with my teeth during a really stupid fall.
Too numerous to count bruises and contusions---all fixed.
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Originally Posted by GoldMember View Post
hmmm....after reading 2-turns, BWPA, and my own, there seems to be a trend. It's not that we don't get hurt skiing, we just are in total denial about injuries. Kind of reminds me of Monty Python, "It's merely a flesh wound." (as his arm is cut off at the shoulder)
Now that was funny...

I did forget 2 more.
I did a 330 on Outer Limits in 2001, fell forward, tail of ski clocked me on the head, 17 staples from Rutland ER and I competed in a triathalon the next day.

1992? Skiing an icy GS course late in the race, Rut around gate was solid ice, I let my P9 GS ski get on top of the rut, it decambered and stretched my MCL in the process. I didn't fall, but lost 3 weeks skiing.
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For35 yrs of skiing not too bad just 3 I remember.

1. Intermediate, slalom training hooked tip on gate (turned too early), badly sprained ankle R off ski's for 4 weeks (bad boots-bad technique)'

2. Advan ced, left thumb in pole strap after fall on headwall at squaw, skiers thumb (ligaments), 6 yrs to fully recover.

3. Advanced at Whistler teaching and skiing backwards slammed into mogul I didn't know was there, fell pretty good/sic concussion. After cat scan 3 days later and headaches went away l week, my head returned to normal (my wife didn't agree on normal part).

Oh I forgot the big one, racing S.G., Jan 7th 1986 got off course hit a bump went airborne land on head, concussion, felt ok. Driving home, blacked out in front of Sugar Bowl, went up snow bank rolled truck. 21 days later woke up at home. I don't remember any of 21 days, blind in R eye for 4 months. Slowly about 11 months returned to normal/sort of. But that wasn't really a skiing injury just caused by one.

Other than auto ax reaally have had a pretty serious injury free skiing life. Kno ck on wood - going tommorow for lst time this year.
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