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Utah Avalanche

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Hey--even though it's early season, PLEEEZE be careful out there!

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A couple of the people involved are maggots - including the main victim. All you want to know is here:




Well worth a read.

Oh yeah, other issues aside - worth noting that the group was properly equipped and self rescued...
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I saw this on the news yesterday. I am amazed! Wow!
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Although I'm not stoked on seeing avalanches (especially when the victim and others involved are good friends of mine) but this type of publicity will bring more attention from the local media and hopefully dollars from the state government to create more education. Already this year the local newspapers and tv stations are committed to reporting the avalanche conditions as posted by the Utah Avalanche Center.

Also, the side country gates at the resorts are going to have "are you beeping" signs with a flashing light that will recognize if skiers/snowboarders have beacons. I hope it gets more people to think. Certainly the search and rescue of my friend is a textbook example (the rescue, not the decision making of being on that slope) that others will learn from. I'm glad the news is reporting this aspect of the story.
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There seems to be a lot of avalanches in this particular area. Every time I've been stayed in BCC, we have seen rescue vehicles/media covering the story.
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The good news is that everyone got out of this one alive. The skiers also knew that they made a bad choice. My hat is off to them for saying, the lure of powder over came thier better judgment.
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Yup - the size of the slide was amazing.


There have been others recently also chronicled on that site
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