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thief nabbed ..

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This kid had to be pretty embarassed. A call came over the coaches radio from the upper lifts at Tux in Austria .... just had a pair of SG skis stolen from the rack, be on the look out.

Another coach taking a lift down looks over at the kid wearing borderer/freestyle gear ... with the SG's.

Muttering ... my friend sent me to the top to get his skis ... :
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Sounds like a future Darwin Award candidate. Not too many braincells operating to try to lift a pair of SG's. I'm guessing he wasn't exactly skiing at mach schnell either?
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My kids e-mail was short, but when the kid was initially spotted (I imagine) skiing down to the lower lift to get the ride back to the base ... he was described as a "beginner who could hardly ski".

Guess his usual twin tips are a wee bit less challenge than SG's.
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You know when I took my SGs to Blue Mountain Ontario and locked them up in the ski-card rack they really stood out like sore thumbs. Another advantage to SGs, they're harder to steal.
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The look on the kids face had to be one of those "photo-op" moments.

Sitting there next to the coach and hearing the call come over the radio ... Ooooooooooooops ..
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