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Has anyone noticed that it is DUMPING at Whistler? - Page 2

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Face shots... on opening day... in mid-November.

That just ain't right.
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Nov 22
It's now official! Whistler has broken the all time November snowfall record (300cm / 10ft) and the month is still not over!

Just got back. A light 15cm dusting overnight with 44cm in last 24hrs. Wow what difference from Saturday. It is definitely looking like mid season now. I was able to rip lines that I could not normally do till Jan/Feb. It is absolutely unbelievable! No crowds (being mid week) and untracked pow to harvest at your leisure. By 1:30pm I had so many runs in, that my legs were toast!

The hi alpine lifts are still not yet open, but it shouldn't be much longer now. Blackcomb opens tomorrow and it's pouring rain down here in town, so will be another epic day tomorrow. What a person supposed to do? Go to work or ski? : hmmm... tough decision
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Great conditions at Whistler

After a grueling drive up in torrential rains from Seattle yesterday afternoon and snow from Squamish, we awoke to sunshine for a beautiful start for the day. However, I got a late start, but got in some good runs on Blackcomb before my legs started giving out. I spent most of the runs skiing the Excelerator and Solar Coaster chairs. The Jersey Cream chair was down for most of the day.

The conditions were great, and there's snow all the way down to the village. It's been snowing all evening with at least an additional 6".

I'm going to try to hook up with Beric and his friends tomorrow morning.

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Was up there today! What a fabulous day! Had about 20cm+ fresh, sunshine w/ clouds until about 1pm when it socked in a bit and started snowing. Great coverage, looked like midseason. Only waiting for about 3-4 lifts to open but everything else is up and running. Hope everyone up there for the weekend has a great time!!

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Skied with Hunki today. We loaded up Blackcomb first thing in the morning, and caught the opening of the high alpine via the Glacier Express. Got the first track of the season down "Pipeline"!
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Originally Posted by roundturns View Post
I'm happy for you guys up there. Wasn't it just two seasons ago you had almost nothing to ski on at Whistler for almost the whole year. Our weather here in Pa. is beautiful this week, if it was late Sept. or early October! We need something to blow through here and change the pattern we're in.
2 seasons ago was pretty awful in Jan & Feb, but December was fine and the March/April powder was amazing. I still managed about 90 days on the hill. It's currently -10C here in Squamish (plus wind chill) and running about -23C at the Roundhouse on Whistler. Forecast is for the temp to drop to around -34C in Whistler tonight!! There's a few inches of snow in Squamish but the highway is OK provided you have the right tires and experience of winter driving (there seem to be a lot of people who feel their vehicles are not subject to winter like the rest of us and many of them have ended up in the ditch at various points on the 99 over the last few days).

Anyways, I skied Blackcomb yesterday ... fresh tracks all the way down Springboard in about 10cm of pow. Very quiet considering it was a holiday weekend (in fact quiet even for a week day) ... I guess the cold scared some folks off.
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