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2004 EpicSki Academy Newletter and Prize

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Hello, gang--

Well, we continue to make progress on planning the 2004 EpicSki Academy. I have just posted the May newsletter to everyone on the distribution list. If you're on the list and haven't received it, please PM me or drop me an email with your correct address and I'll resend it to you.

We have almost a hundred people who've indicated interest in going to next year's Academy. As always, we are inviting anyone with any degree of interest to sign up for the newsletter, since it costs nothing to add a name. This month, to encourage people to sign up, we are awarding a prize to the 100th Bear to join the list. Your prize will be an bright red EpicSki Academy Vest, in the size of your choice.

So, if you'd like to be receiving the newsletter and aren't on the list, please email me or PM me. My email address is dwightcramer@msn.com. I'll add you to the list and send you the current edition. This is a very good time to add yourself to the list, because if all goes according to plan by the end of the month we will announce our host resort, the dates and the Academy's cost. We've been getting good responses and are making good progress.

Best to all,

sno'more, the head sherpa
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Quick addendum, regarding the Arapahoe Basin event possibility that we'd been exploring for this spring, mentioned in the Newsletter:

Due to the late date, it doesn't look like we'll be able to get the necessary legal and logistical details worked out with The Basin to put on an Epic-quality program there this spring. For those who had asked for such a program, it was a great thought! The Basin's management is eager to discuss something for next season, so keep your ideas coming. Meanwhile, there's still plenty of snow up there for a great time, and the ski school at Arapahoe has a couple in-house programs that should stem the summer blues and postpone the symptoms of ski-withdrawal!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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sno'more & organizing committee:

Thanks for the update, looking forward to it.

100 interested! That should get some attention.

Clearly, arranging an event of this magnitude involves considerable: effort, time and planning. Thanks for being willing to devote them!

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I was just speaking to the peoplefrom BallDynamics,. a Colorado based fitness equipment company. They said it would be possible to supply any Colorado
based academy with balls, dyna discs, etc.
The stipulation is that we have a minimum amount of 15 people, and that we allow them to sell their stuff, which we would get a 20% discount on. Other areas of the country would be open to negotiation.
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We promised that the 100th person to sign up for the EpicSki Academy Newsletter would win a bright red EpicSki Academy Vest, as modelled by Oboe in the swag for sale thread.

We have a winner. The winner is N.E. skier. Congratulations to N.E. skier!!!

We also have 111 people signed up for the newsletter now. That is very impressive, and probably means we'll have an strongturnout for the 2004 Academy.

What can I tell you about N.E. skier? Not much. He/she has a member number over 4000, so is a relative newcomer to the website. On the other hand, she/he did register for the website, rather than lurking in the shadows. Some of you guys who sent me emails instead of PMs to register for the newsletter may be lurkers. And that's cool, too. If you are lurking and want to sign up for the newsletter, email me at dwightcramer@msn.com. You can also sign up as a Bear and PM me to be added to the list.

One interesting note (particularly since N.E. skier has a member number over 4000) is that Matteo, the guy who won the booster straps for guessing when the website membership would hit the 4000 mark, missed being the 100th person to sign up for the newsletter by one person.
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