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Head S-11 Ski Boots

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I've been looking for a boot that actually fits my foot without realigning all those little bones your feet have. I typically like to ski bumps, steeps, & trees.

The boot that fit my feet the best were the Head S-11 boots. They were really comfortable, but they didn't seem very stiff. The guy at the ski shop said that the boot comes with a plastic plate the screws into the cuff of the boot to make them stiffer.

Has anyone had any experience with Head boots and inparticular the S-11?

Has anyone used the stiffener? Does it work? Is just a gadget? Is it a maintenance issue?

Your feed back would be greatly appreciated.
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I ski the S12, which is similar but I have no idea about the relative stiffness.

I think the ski shop is confusing two features (or just doesn't know much).

I'll talk about my S12's, but I believe that the 11's are the same.

The spine of the rear of the boot has two screws visibile on the outside of the boot. You can take one or both screws out to make the boot less stiff (Head recommends taking out the top first and then the bottom). Boot comes with a couple of plastic plugs to fill the holes if you take out the screws (to keep snow out). I ski mine with the top screw out. Obviously, the ski will be stiffer outside in the cold than inside at the shop, but I would expect that the stiffening screws are probably already in place, so you can't stiffen it anymore.

The boots also came with an FCS sole (may be optional now) that replaces the standard bootboard (the sole inside the boot). This doesn't stiffen anything, it is designed to change the fit from a medium fit to a narrow fit. The plastic can be cut away to customize the FCS to the shape of the foot (easier than grinding, just take out the sole, and cut away plastic.)
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My feet must be a lot different than yours... I tried on the S11 and every bone down there felt misaligned

The S11 this year is the same boot as last year's S10 (by same, I mean same position in the S line; I have no idea if they've made changes to the boot itself other than graphics)

If you're worried about the stiffness, you might want to try the S13, which are this year's equivilent to gandalf's S12s. They would be the stiffest in the S line I believe.
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Originally Posted by LexingtonSkier View Post

If you're worried about the stiffness, you might want to try the S13, which are this year's equivilent to gandalf's S12s. They would be the stiffest in the S line I believe.
The S11 has a flex rating of 110 or 100 (it's adjustable).

The S13 has a flex rating of 120 or 110 (same thing).

The RS 96, Head's plug race boot, has a flex rating of 130, just as a reference.


The stiffener DOES work and shouldn't be any maintenance problem at all.

Did you have a chance to try on the S13? One reason I ask is that the S13 has something called a "Double Power Velcro" booster strap. I was trying on boots the other day and that strap can be used to make the S13 feel VERY stiff. The S11, which I haven't tried on, has a more traditional strap. I've orderd a pair of S13's, but I would typically back off that strap pretty significantly.

You don't mention your weight or the type of skiing you typically do. Last year, I skied very happily on some Tecnica Magnesium Diablos, which I would say are quite similar in flex to what I would perceive the S11 to be. I'm 6'1", 195#. I ski pretty hard and do a moderate amount of recreational racing. I felt the stiffness of the Tecnica's was perfectly acceptable.

Good luck with the choice.
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Bob brings up a good point. I forgot to say that I took off the straps that came with the boot and I use the Booster elastic after market strap.

He is also right about the bolts in the back. Removal of one screw softens the flex by a noticeable amount.

Also, now that I am thinking about it, there may be a plastic gizmo for the tongue that stiffens the boot more (not sure about that, didn't come with the boot).
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