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Dynastar Legend Pro - What Size?

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I'm trying to decide between Dynastar Legend Pro in 186 or 194. My every day ski is a Volkl Karma 185 (park use, groomers with friends and off piste) and my thinking is a second ski for pure off piste, going fast and aggressive, carving long drawn out turns. The majority of my skiing will be in the Alps. I’m 6’3” 190 lbs and pretty fit and athletic. Any help, advice or comments very gratefully received – thanks
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I'm 5'11, a strong 195 lbs and ski the 194cm. Sounds like you know what it's best at...high speeds and looong turns either in powder or hardpack. I do most of my skiing above treeline so it's the perfect board for me. At 194cm it's certainly not the best in tight trees and I wouldn't plan on taking it in moguls.
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Where do you normally ski? Size alone I think you would be a 194 candidate. Plus it would compliment the Karmas better than the 186.

As long as it's fairly soft, I ski the 194. . I am 5'8" and 180 lbs. mostly ski Aspen Mountain and Highlands. I pretty much GS everything including bumps and trees, but I generally avoid the zipper lines.

If it’s hard, I usually pick a different stick. Going fast thru hard bumps just beats my body too much
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The 194 LP.

I have the 194 and it is perfect for the skiing you described.
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The Std width (97mm-waist) 194 may be a little difficult to find as I'm told that the majority of bookings in that size were for the XXL version (109mm-waist). This takes an already stout ski and raises the "beef" quotient by an order of magnitude. In my case, I also ordered the 194 in the XXL version only b/c I figured anybody that wanted the long size would also want the BIGGUN.

This is just an FYI as (in your area) availability of the 97mm version may be different than out here in the west.

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you're 6'3" - no other then 194cm imo.
or a LP XXL
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What you should do is buy my pair of 194 Super Nobis...which is the same as the first gen LP in a 194.

Given your size and where you ski, 194.
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Thanks for all the great replies – I’m going for a 194 LP. Found an unsold last year’s model, which whilst I prefer this year’s graphics, I can get for a good price (plus I don’t think I’m exactly going to be studying the art work with the sort of skiing I hope to be doing on these!) Should have them in 10 days and first test will be Xmas in the Italian Dolomites…bring it on

Shred – Only ski France, Italy, Switzerland. Cost and travel time have been negatives for US/Canada however definitely want to treat myself to week’s heli-skiing in Canada at some point!
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