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Anyone ski into the wee hours of the night before?

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The annual 36Hours of Keystone is approaching again.

This year they opted to set it a little later on the calendar with hopes of more slope options, I would guess. The resort runs its lift(s) from Friday, December 1st and keeps them open ALL night until 9pm(?) on Saturday, December 2nd.

It may be just a novelty. I think it's kinda fun in a kid way to get up at, oh.. i don't know, maybe 2or3am and go hit the slopes. Last year at their moutaintop lodge at 6am they fed everyone a simple but complimentary breakfast. And it was just wonderful watching the panorama sunrise in ski boots from the top floor of the moutaintop bldg!

Has anyone else experienced this event?
Or has any Resort done this before Keystone?
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last year greek peak in cortland n.y. had an american cancer society ski-athon that ranfrom 8am on a saturday morning thru until 7am on sunday morning. they tried to run a ascent/ descent contest, which only counted on one lift which kept a scan count, there were a couple intermissions to thin the non participants for the overnight stretch and grooming.
It was fun they provided food and drinks several times, some kids were so wired on energy drinks pre-sunrise it was quite amusing actually. I really staged myself to relax a bit in my vehicle so I'd get my first sunrise on the slopes. Also I never had skied there before this so after a few laps at the onset I realized I needed to drift away from the lap count aspect for my own reasons.
I was glad that the mountain had received a decent snowfall a day or two before this which maDE THINGS NICE. It all happened in February I kind of remember. You could've brutalized yourself by skiing on a Sunday ticket although that wasn't part of the original program, they wrapped things up with alodge award thing by 9 am and left some good parking spots for a sunday morning late arrivals.
Pick your times or pace yourself and figure on having a unique time.

enjoy, v.varmit
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I haven't done it (yet), but Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire does the following:

Extra Hours: Midnight Madness, Fri & Sat. nights 9p-3a beginning Dec. 29 06.
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IMHO the sunrise slope is a thing that was worth planning for, crotched mountain thing could maximize a weekend warriors slope time though.
I've determined night skiingis a love/hate thing. Dusk will bring a calm with it as many have left for apres ski activities and the slopes become less crowded and the earth acts like a huge cloud similar to a variably sunny day, but no change afterward. The change in eyewear is possibly the one thing you also should make an adjustmentto, besides an extra layer of clothing. Breaks are the norm unless you think you have to attain some desired vertical # then use what ever you like. eric
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Camelback used to have an "all night ski", the first time was awesome, great conditions, about 40 deg, huge bumps. The second time was bitter cold and miserable.

Would I do it again? under the right conditions.
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Mt Holly, MI used to have all-nighters twice a year, usually in Feb. I did it a couple of times...I just love late night skiing (anytime after 8pm).
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this sounds pretty cool, and go figure I am going to be in co excatly on those dates.

edit just checked out the website. is this just open to people whe doing teh 36 hours? ie you got get lodging. or can you just buy a lift ticket?
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You can just buy a lift ticket and ski.

The 36 Hour Challenge is just something you do solo or with some buddies. It's not really a competition. It's more of a raffle for teams that have one member ski at least once an hour during the event. Grand prize is the same this year - $3600 !! There is an easier challenge called the 36 Express which is a $1200 cash give away. If lines got long they usually let the participants in the their own express line.

They used to have a special $36 lift ticket. But the ticket office said that was a couple of years ago when it was near opening day. They do have a special lodging deal this year.

They said that a regular lift ticket for Friday is good for both days and overnight.

This year the annual Demo Days are on the same weekend. For $10 you get to demo many new skis and boards during the day from the River Run base area. Looks like the demos are not overnight, just during the day on Friday and Saturday.

Should be a lot of fun again this year.
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I did it last year or the year before.

Drove up after work, skied from 8 o'clock or so till 1 or 2 in the morning, drove back home.

It gets pretty freaking cold in the middle of the night.

Night skiing seems to attract the drunken, ski VERY fast crowd. I usually feel like the only way to avoid getting hit is to not let them catch up to me.

Sharpen up your GS skis before you go!
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As a teen I used to ski after midnight all the time, but I never had a ticket or lift access (or permission).
I lived near a ski hill, so I'd just grab my skis (without letting my parents know) and head up alone or with a friend or two.
I opted out of many a night's partying to ski. And sometimes I went after the party.
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24 Hr race

Ski Roundtop in Pa holds a 24 hour race for cancer. Its a great time skiing for 24 hours straight.
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I went to Ski Liberty for a late night ski (which they have occasionally) after skiing all day at Roundtop. A big storm was coming that night, so after midnight, I drove over towards Whitetail and got a motel room. The next morning I got to Whitetail early and skied in a foot of fresh powder. Not exactly what you were asking, but I skied many hours and late at night and three 'mountains' in two days and a rare mid-atlantic powder day to boot. A good trip.
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I will be there. Silver Giro 9 helmet, dalbello Kryptons, volkl Gotamas or metrons proably skiing with some race kids from loveland.
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please indicate if this might be repeated

Originally Posted by rtopforever View Post
Ski Roundtop in Pa holds a 24 hour race for cancer. Its a great time skiing for 24 hours straight.
I'd enjoy another one of these, it just makes the weekends more skiable and would deviate from anything in the other direction (NE) if at all possible, roundtop seemed to be a nice night ski by the way. could visit some other allegheny runs as well e a v
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Loveland Pass, full moon. Though that was many moons ago
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