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WTB: Fat Rock Skis

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Having just updated my quiver yet again with 186 Mojo 90's, I find myself with 2 pairs of unmounted fat skis still in wrappers, and used carvers that I don't enjoy as much beyond the groomers. With all of the great snow here right now, and many concealed rocks I'm not ready to subject either of the new skis to that torture, so I realize now that I need something to abuse the hell out of.

I'm basically hoping someone has some fatties that no longer see any use, and might be nice and cheap because they've already been abused. I'll certainly take newer stuff in great condition too, but I'm looking to keep the price as low as possible. And located as close as possible to the Calgary-Louise area would be best, I'm hoping to track down what I need for as soon as this weekend...but will wait longer for shipping if necessary.

Not very picky at all right now, something in these ranges: 165-195 cm long, 75-110mm in the waist (the middle of these ranges being ideal). Twin tips preferred, or atleast something with more of a freeride feel.

Something along the lines of Scott P3's, PE's, Fujatives, Seth Pistols, Trouble Makers, Pocket Rockets, Mad Trix, IM 85, Line's, Chubbs/Fat Boys, old B3's, explosiv, Big Stix, etc. Obviously many of those are typically more expensive, but anything similar to those (older is fine too) would be great. The cheaper, and if necessary more banged up the better!

Maybe a longshot, but I'm sure someone somewhere has what I need collecting dust in the garage!
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If you want cheap but maybe even new..the local Sports Authority has some 185 Volant Sins' for $149 less 10%. I think there are one pair left. I know theu will go cheaper as the year goes on, but will the one pair last.
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will you be mapquesting that for them or just offering to pick them up as the nice guy, Pa. would be a long drive from Alberta when the stores will open in a few hours. I bet He couldn't sacrifice these either although the deal is pretty irresistable. all assets are worth mentioning tho'. eric
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volant addict has/had some Chubbs for sale, pretty cheap. Check with him ?
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Not sure what size you want, but I have a pair of 170 Chubbs in very good condition without bindings, drilled once: $75 + shipping.

The pair on the far left. PM for more details.
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170cm chubbs for $100 + $50 more for the bindings

in banff so cash and CAD funds
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I have a pair of K2 Explorers 193cm and ess 5-12 bindings. The are great older skis, good soft snow and carve well on soft gromers. Not sure of specs but on the lower end of the width scale. $80 plus shipping
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