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This doesn't have anything thing to do with skiing. But I though I would throw it out and see if someone can help me. For school we are planning on attending a convention in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center in mid April. I need to find rooms for approximately 15 Doctoral students and a Professor or two. We are hoping to be able to walk to the convention center each day from our rooms. Is there anybody that is familiar with the area that may have some names of motels that are within walking distance. I have spent some time online looking without finding very many leads. Since we are all still in school we can't afford to pay $150+ per night, but would still like something that is somewhat decent. Any help would be appreciated.
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The Hyatt Regency on 15th, or the Holiday Inn Downtown on Glenarm will probably be your best bet.
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There is also the Adams Mark on the 16th street Mall. You could walk from there. Rooms can be had for around $90 a night.
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I'd definitely check out the Holiday Inn on Glenarm as matt7180 mentioned. It's usually the most affordable one downtown. But, there are a couple more options if you're willing to walk a little and if money is really tight. The hotels themselves are not in the greatest location, but they will be much more affordable than the ones in the heart of downtown:
- Super 8 at 26th & Zuni
- Budget Host Inn at I-25 & Speer Boulevard

I can't vouch for their aesthetics. These are both about a 15 minute walk to the (free) 16th Street Mall shuttle - just go through Commons Park and over the Millenium Bridge to get to the shuttle pickup location. The shuttle then would take you to within 2 blocks of the Convention Center.
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Hilton's lower-priced Hampton Inn has a new hotel downtown (note - not the one on Speer). And the Comfort Inn which is attached to (and owned by?) the pricey Brown Palace Hotel might fall into your range also.
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All good suggestions. Google; denverconventioncenter and spy around. Try standards; Orbitz, Hotels.com, priceline, etc...let these folks work for you and give you a ping when they meet your budget and needs as the Denver opportunities can change per week...
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Your in Luck! The Convention Center is on the Light Rail line, you have about 30 miles of area to cover to find a place to stay. Anything along interstate 25 will be in reach. Down south by the Tech Center you should be able to find a good place to stay for about $70. The light Rail should cost about $5 for a round trip.
I make the drive everyday & I know there is a few places @ the Dry Creek station area that are clean with Hi-speed & free Break-fest for $70.
The Light rail (train) runs about every 15 mins.
I will try in the am to get you some names & #s.
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Thanks for all your help. It sounds like everybodys preference is the Holiday Inn so I guess that is were we will end up.
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