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Just got some new Dalbellos

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Got my first pair of boots today. I'm on a budget so I decided on the Dalbello Aerro 60. We measured and molded the thermofit liners. I've been wearing them around the house and there's just one place on the top of my left foot where i seem to feel the hard edge in the toungue of the liner. They aren't too small...I can wiggle my toes and I do not lose any kind of circulation. I was just wondering if they would "break in" the more i wear them or not...like I said i've only had them one afternoon and other than that trivial issue they are very comfortable. These are just my first pair and I was just wondering what to expect as far as them getting broken in.
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Standing and flexing in the boot will give you a better idea how the fit is vs. walking around. In walking, you are going against the shape of the boot, thats why you are getting pressure up top.
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...welcome to the club, Josh!
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Do I see a trend here?
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Do I see a trend here?
Dalbellos are the new metron these days...
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...I'm starting to wonder if these things are too small...we mesured my foot to be 27cm...the shell fit was right on the money, but the more i wear them around the tighter they feel...My foot is just a touch wide and thats where i feel the "tightness"...it may just be the fact i'm not used to wearing tight shoes...it's wierd b/c in the fitting they felt fine, but when in them for a longer period of time they're a little on the tight side...i'm wondering if i should reheat the thermoliners or if they will work themselves out to fit my foot better...i don't think i need a bigger size...this is just my first pari of boots and i don't really know how they're supposed to fit...are they supposed to be super tight? should i be able to wiggle my ankle? I can moves my toes around just fine, but i can barely flex my ankle back and forth (which I thought was normal)...now i'm just rambling...maybe i'm just not used to them yet...
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My 2 cents (not a bootfitter).

Very generally, if they feel too tight but you can move your toes and have a tiny bit of play in your ankle (but not much), they are probably the correct size.

I was one of those shocked people on both ends - directly after my purchase feeling exactly like you are, and one year later when they had seriously packed out (still the right size).

You are really just not used to wearing boots, probably?
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