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Any Utah Deals out there?

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I plan to go Utah first week of Dec. (2-6) and I am looking any good package out there lift or lift+hotel etc. I never been to Utah yet, and I would like to stop by Alta and Snowbasis...... Living in TX (which suck by the way) I usually drive to Taos and I would expect that both of mountains be similar if not better in terms of off piste/chute terrain.
I can't wait to test drive my new AC-4 this session... and I would hope I don't have to wear my Bandit X which I typically use for rocky condition. Let it snow - let it snow...
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I got a brochure in the mail, that DV resort was offering 5th night free and other little perks. I think it's on their website. Might be worth checking out.
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You'll have a blast, but deals are harder to find in Utah compared to other places. Snowbird has deals often, but it doesn't look like you headed there. They usually have lift + hotel deals. As far as hotel goes, you can find a place to stay pretty cheap in Sandy, at the base of Big/Little Cottonwood Canyon. Discount lift tickets are sold at many places down in Sandy too, many of the ski shops.
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Typically Snowbasin isn't that good early season. You want to stick to LCC or BCC.

Forget the rental car and just stay up in Alta.

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Are you going alone or with a some friends.

If you are with friends, the suggestion of staying in Sandy, getting discount lift tickets and a rental car is worth checking into. You then have the ability to ski a different area each day and the expenses can be shared.

Check out the many threads about staying and skiing the SLC area. There is lots of info on this forum.
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utah is one big deal
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Skugrud ... My buddy bail on me last week, so looks like I am going alone... No big deal except it will bit more expensive. I plan on getting car rental, since I can go where the best snow is; plus I want to check out areas outside of SLC ... to have good excuse to move out of TX (: Anyway if anyone plans to be on the slopes during that time shoot me pm.

Shrehead, that url that posted looks like decent deal. Unfortunately, they open on Dec 15 and I will be there a week prior ...bummer… Looks like Motel 6 or La Quinta is cheap way to go!
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Make Your Own Package on the cheap

Camelot Rooms For Rent - Hostel
$10 per night in bunk room

Buy Ski Superpass from Travelocity
Ski Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, and Solitude
Plus ride the trax and ski bus for free
Buy 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… days and get one free

Take ski bus up to mountain – Get up there hassle free and meet locals along the way. It will take about an hour to get up to alta or brighton
click ski to get to schedule
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Ok, bumping this thread, but slightly hijacking it as well. My buddy just bailed on me due to work (sucker) so I will be in the SLC area for my first time on Dec 11-17. I have two friends who will be coming in on friday the 15th, but I will be flying solo from Monday until Friday. The original plan was to rent a car and stay in one of the millions of cheap motel type places in sandy or midvalle, and then ski whichever canyon had better snow each day. However, with just myself eating the cost of a car and the motel for five days, is this still the recommended way to do this? Also, will I lose my mind being by myself in suburban sandy/midvalle, and if so are there any better options? Thanks for any help in advance!
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I did it solo last year for the Gathering and did not spend much. I stayed at the Discovery Inn (free breakfast and hot tub) and got great rates with AAA. It's 100 yards to the highway to LCC and about 45 minutes to Park City resorts.
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