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24 hr. race

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Did anyone participate in a 24 hr. race that is open to the general public? Maybe you can provide us with some facts / impressions / tips?
I hear Tremblant is going to have one in December.
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Don't do it.

Tremblant? December? 4:30 a.m.?
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Thanks for the input Philth!
Do you know of similar events in the North-East? I seem to remember somone ( maybe it was you?) posting about a skier-cross event last season. But it has to be open to the general public..I'm by no means a pro [img]redface.gif[/img]
I'm no good in the park or doing bumps, but I like speed.

BTW, Tremblant has snowmaking. Last year they had about 15 runs open in mid-December.
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Were you really thanking me?
There's a whole little series of eastern skiercrosses--I know Killington and Mt. Snow have a race series, and I'm sure there are others.
Fairly big variety of backgrounds and levels, but I wouldn't do it if I weren't comfortable with racing and getting a little air. And being next to three or four other guys while you're doing it.
Check the websites--I don't know any of the dates.
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I would seriously advise against it.
After watching professional & former world cup racers who had trained all summer for it shake, cry & hallucinate @ the 24 hours of Aspen, I cannot imagine a mere mortal even contemplating it.
if you do it wear body armour for when you star fish.
groomed snow gets very cold & hard @ 4 am.
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Yes Philth, I was really thanking you. As a matter of fact I hadn't thought of the cold temeratures on a December night...

Ti, I do not believe that it is anything like Aspen. At least not in the "open" category.
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