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Need advice on skis for daughters

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I'm way behind this year. I need to quickly decide on seasonal rentals or purchases. I was out of it last year rehabbing an injury and didn't get to ski with them and am now waking up to the fact the season is finally here and my kids have outgrown everything in the ski closet - sigh.

Daughter #1 - 13 y/o - 5'2" approx. 110lbs. Has skied since age 4 and is capable of skiing both single and easier double blacks with confidence.

Daughter #2 - 11 y/o - 5' approx 90lbs. Has also skied since age 4 can ski single blacks well but is not confidently skiing double blacks (at least the last time she was with me).

We primarily go to Mammoth Mountain and the terrain they ski includes groomed, broken and fresh (Sierra) snow.

Any advice on 2005 or 2006 skis is appreciated.
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My daughter is slightly bigger as your #1 (5'5" 120 lbs) & similiar ability level. She's on the adult Salomon 1080's 151cm & loves them. With a 80mm waist & soft flex, they work great for her on & off piste. I think the equivalent 05/06 ski is now called the flyer. No complaints about edgehold on ice or float in pow esp at her weight. The only recommendation if you decide on this ski, is to mount them 1 or 2 cm back from the recommended mark on the ski.
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My 9 y/o switched to 136 K2 Apache Jrs last season (when she was 4'7", 70 lbs). In literally an hour and a half, she went from lagging behind her coach, to keeping up with him on steeps and deeps. The difference was so substantial that her coach started telling all the other parents to buy them for their kids, without them even asking. She (and her younger brothers) are on team at Alpine Meadows, and they're absolutely killer skis for kids in the Sierra -- they carve on a dime, but have great float at kids' weights too.

REI.com was clearing out last year's model (cosmetic engineering only for 2006/07) in all three sizes -- 136, 146, 153 -- earlier this year for $75, so I picked up the other sizes to stockpile. They're no longer on the site, but REI near me has the 153s for $70, and your local shop may be able to pick them from a different store. If you're interested in getting 153s, your REI doesn't have them and can't get them, and you're going to be up at Mammoth over Thanksgiving, I might be able to pick you up a pair before I head up.

FWIW, I'd say 146s for the younger one and 153s for the older, if you can get them.
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When I was working in a ski shop (back a few years) the Whisper (female specific) and Whistler series from Elan was really popular for recreational riders looking for a little more confidence, but who still wanted a damp and smooth ride.

This is the Whistler X from 2004 for $150ish....ok price...better if you found a pair (new or used) of the Whisper 4's or 6's.


And some nice Bear lead me to Level Nine (www.levelninesports.com) which has absolutely insane prices on Head skis. I picked up a pair of the Sweet Fat Thang's and so far my experiences with Level Nine have been excellent.

Here's the 2005 C-120 w/ demo bindings at 142cm for $129....


And the XRC 300 at 156cm for $139....


Don't know if you're a fan of Head though....consistently seem to make a nice damp ski that's good for going through the crud...and nice soft tips for easy turn initiation. There's also a junior ski (Sweet Thang Junior) however I think that the construction of adult skis tends to be better than the construction of junior skis. Not much to the junior stuff and they lack in dampening and energy IMO. Not made to last long....
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