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Jacson Hole Report 3/6-12

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JH has a big WOW factor; rivaling Chamonix in my book.
(In fairness to Chamonix, the year I was there we skied all above treeline to take advantage of the best snow in a below avg snow year.)

Regardless though, JH has wonderfully challenging terrain and we will definitely be back. We were, however, a day late--the 1 foot of powder that fell Friday, March 5 was probably well used by the time our plane landed Saturday the 6th. Nonetheless, we got in 2 hours at Snow King (a pretty darned nice place in its own right) on Saturday to warm up.

On Sunday, Richard R. graciously took us on tour, showing us to all the lifts and some of the less obvious traverses which make getting around a breeze. Poor Richard suffered my slowness as I discovered just how bad my old Olin Radius' really were. Nothing I didn't know beforehand--just the time and money to demo and buy had not yet coincided.... It was like dragging around wet cardboard on your feet.

The scenery though more than made up for the unhappiness about my antique gear. And the warm snow twoard mid-mountain made you pay attention lest the proverbial "Snow Snake" grab you.

On Tuesday, another great ambassador for the mountain, JH Scott also showed us around. Scott blazed down the hill with Kevin in hot pursuit & yours truly at the rear. I have a feeling Scott was not even nearing his mach 1

Tired of not getting any rebound, I rented and fell in love with the VOLKL 6******. What a great ski. Terrific edge grip and a smooth ride, but such a short ski was a little unerving. I kept them Thursday as well and by Friday I was in love with them. They were a solid ski from the frozen death cookies off the top of the tram through two runs through the warm spring snow in the Hobacks (and off near some ob thing called "Why Not".)

End-to-end we skied about everything but Tower 3, Corbet's, & the Alta's (Though at the prompting of our 73 yr old idol, Kevin did do Alta 3 when I thought it may be icy & chickened out.) We only took 1 day to ski at Targee and that was a geat day also. Though we only had a dusting of new snow one night, we had "bluebird days" each and every
day. We came home exhausted with the familiar racoon look

On Sunday I bought the last pair of 6 Stars (on SALE!) at the local hill. Probably the easiest sale he made all week. I called, they had them with binding for less than $600. Done... Yahoo!

Thanks again to Richard, Scott, John & Edy. it was a great pleasure to make some turns with all of you.


(PS: I highly recommend the Granary restaurant at Spring Creek Ranch. My research proved correct: spectacular views of the Tetons and terrific food, great wine list....)

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Sounds like a great trip and lots of discoveries all around. Jackson Hole was the first big mtn I went to after I starting skiing. I had the some reaction - it was awesome! I can't wait to go back.
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