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"Birth" of a New Ski Bum

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Annoncement: Birth of a new Ski Bum

My son went to school in Boulder (CU) and finished last spring. He had planned on staying the winter there as he has 2 good buddies there that he skis with and trains for Big Mountain comps. However, his job for the winter fell through so he has now moved on to a "better place." Yesterday he moved to Salt Lake City and as of today has a job up at a ski shop in Snowbird. So I guess I am now the father of a true ski bum. Its not too far fetched that I will have a second "birth" in a year when my daughter graduates.

There certainly is a part of me that wishes I had done what he is doing. Moving to work, ski, and train at one of the 4 best places in North America for big mountain skiing is something that has allure even for an older hack like me. Can't say that there is not a big worry factor in all of this - thinking about him searching out cliffs to huck off. But while I wish I could limit him to 10 or maybe 15 foot jumps, it is beyond my control.

Learning about his job today I started to explore discount ticket options for Snowbird - got that figured out immediately. I mostly ski at Solitude but I am sure there will be increased days at Snowbird to try and grab a run or two with him during his ski breaks from work. Perhaps this is the season for me to really explore Snowbird. I've skied there many times and know the mountain but not like I do Solitude.

So those are the musings for today at work. The first trip of the season being just a week away is taking its toll :.
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I know another guy who seems to really have gotten a kick watching one of his sons immerse himself in skiing and over the years up his on-mountain "game." In fact, he alludes to his son fairly frequently - whenever he can, for sure - in posts and conversation.

It's cool.

Nice gift you've given your kids, Si.

That skiing in a week thing, though, was cruel.
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