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Hi All:

Just to let you know that I am selling a substantial quantity of Swix and Toko:

- Hydrocarbon waxes (Swix CH's, in 180 gram bars)

- Low fluoro waxes (Swix LF's, in 180 gram bars)

- High fluoro waxes (Swix HFBD's, HF's and Toko HF's) in 40 to 60g packs

- 100% Fluoro overlays (Swix FC100 and FC200, rub-on blocks) in 30g packs

I have too much wax, covering too many brand names. I am consolidating to one brand.

All are on auction on Ebay starting at $1 . Just go to Ebay and search for auctions by JHC2 .

But hurry. This is a 5 day auction.

Then pray for lots of snow.