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Yup. It's all over for us in the DC area. What a great season it was. Sunday, which was our last day open, we had every trail open with great coverage on all of them. But alas, 2-3" of rain, some nice warm temps, and a serious lack of interest from the paying public, spells E-n-d O-f S-e-a-s-o-n for us.

Actually, I lied. Sunday wasn't our last day open. They were open on Tuesday and let people ski for free. That was pretty cool of them. I wish I had made it up there.

But I guess, if it had to happen, then this was a good time. I've been having an equipment intensive late season.

I was teaching a lesson 2 saturdays ago, when a weight-challenged student skied over my poles, and took a step while standing on them, and crushed a woven carbon Kerma pole. Luckily, I had some old poles at home. Then, last Saturday, I was skiing in the bumps on my long skis, and broke one in the bumps (deep troughs, ski goes Crraaaaackkk ). Then, I decide to help out in the Childrens Center, so I give my poles (the ones I just brought from home - another pair of carbon Kermas) to the line-up supervisor and tell him to put them on my broken skis that are in front of our pro room/building. When I got done with the kids, I find my skis, but no poles, and no line-up supervisor. I left a message on his voice mail, but haven't heard back. He's a snowboarder, so he's not used to carrying poles around. I have the feeling he left them on the snow and forgot about them, and they walked.

The greatest thing about this season, is that we went the entire season, from November through mid March, without a single thaw. I can't ever remember that happening. Even in '96, with all the snow, and the blizzard we got that year, we had a massive thaw about 2 weeks after the blizzard. Not this year. We had great conditions every day from before Christmas to closing day. I guess it's too bad I only got to ski about 20 days. But considering I can really only get out one day a week because I have a baby daughter at home, 20 days it pretty darn good for around here. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]