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Ryan, where did you stay? We were down there before the hurricane at Moon Palace. We went to Xpu Ha for a day which was great. Next time we will stay at Xpu Ha and go to Moon Palace for a day! We passed on the timeshare presentation, not worth a free T-shirt. Good move on not purchasing!

I hear everything is about back to normal?
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We stayed at the Omni.

I gather from asking around that yeah, it's getting back to normal, though there are a lot of cranes to be seen, as more properties are going up and some are being renovated.

In the end, we decided we are much more likely to go someplace different each vacation than we are to head back to the same place, though we'll dive Cozumel, probably next year.

Gotta say, the video I saw on the big screen in the dive shop when she started up with dive talk with some people was, to say the least, stunning. I had some doubts about how I'd take to Cancun and was on the fence about the dive stuff, as in I could take it or leave it. Well, I will dive, and sooner rather than later, and really, as long as there is a beach like the beach there, I'm going to be just fine. 10 days, rather than a week, is the likely approach next time; I really do want to get to the ruins and into the jungle a bit.

I got the sense that a huge percentage of the guests had stayed there before (like my girlfriend) and had received the email about the all-inclusive deal, which definitely was a deal. So management's approach seemed to be of the net-dragging variety, figuring you do a wide enough sweep you're going to catch something.

FWIW, it's a very family-friendly place; the kids had their own pool, and all the pools had great shallow wading areas. I was quite impressed, but any money I am likely to part with for such a thing is going to be going at a place that has a mountain that gets snowed on.

No matter. I plan on winning the lottery this year, clearing the way for the house in Hawaii and the condo in Whistler.

Uh huh.

On that note, it was cool to see on the day we were leaving a man pushing his kid around in a stroller, wearing a POWDER t-shirt.

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I missed out on giving you all my advice

So I will give advice anyway. If you make it back that direction, may I suggest staying a bit further south? Akumal is one of my favorite diving destinations. Much prefer it over Cozumel. Very small no high rises, very affordable with GREAT diving. They get few divers so the reefs are in much better shape than Cozumel. Wonderful food and great people. Perfect.
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I just saw this thread...... ah SCUBA.... my other avocation. I've been teaching diving for 15yrs. (skiing just 14yrs.). I've been diving over 20yrs. It's my true passion. I've been around the world just for it.

Doing your cert class at home and either finishing locally or getting a referral for your open water dives is the best way to do it. The resort course will give you a taste.... but don't skimp. Find a reputable shop!

PM me if you have any questions. Time to go skiing now.
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Nice pics and good trip report. Glad you had a good time. We have a timeshare (actually two every other year) in Breck. We love it. We have exchanged it to go to St. Martin and St. Thomas (we visited St. John, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke while there and thought highly of the BVI) but have skied other places without it (renting houses instead). No problems exchanging with Interval. Just have to be a little flexible with the dates (i.e. choose several weeks around the time you want to go). It might be something you want to do in the future. Just make sure you buy somewhere that is sought after destination.
Here is a link to Grayton Beach, which if you get back down to the Panhandle, is a must do....check out Criolla's and The Red Bar (best darn crabcakes ever). http://www.graytonbeach.com/
Also, here are some pics of Curacao (you can make a side trip to Bonaire and Aruba from there, but the shore diving is par none).
Hope these make it thru. You can create an account, if not.


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Originally Posted by Mainiac View Post
If you are going to be diving around semi submerged reefs or coral heads, try to get swim fins that fit on a kevlar footed boot, so you can walk on the reef or coral and not slice your feet to shreds. I used Scuba Pro...the boots and fins came as a set.

Get gloves and a good diving knife ( I used Wenoka or Swimmaster) to poke around for the treasure....and to escape entanglement from old trawl nets, etc.. You never know what garbage is floating around.

Use a three pane mask, preferably with transulent rubber. With the side pane, through refraction, you can almost see behind you. The lighter rubber allows you to more quickly sense light changes.....as in large fish checking you out.

Any good shotgun snorkel will do.

I do not like BCs, they are cumbersome. If you have access to belts and lead weights, figure out what amount of lead on your belt gets you down and up with with ease, as in a few good kicks.

If you go deeper than thirty feet you will need to follow whatever ascension schedule the guides have. Make sure your regulator, depth gauge and compass are in working order. Wear an additional compass.

If there is a full moon, and it is safe, dive at night...the light is surreal....

Don't forget Neptune drinks rhum.

i've been a certified diver for over 15 years and this is some of the worst advice i've ever read!!!!

1. do not stand, kneel, or even touch live coral...EVER! people like you are the reason why the reefs in many tourist hot spots look as bad as they do!

2. gloves and a knife are NOT needed or even recommended. many dive operators will not even allow you to bring a knife. and you know why? b/c people will poke and pry at delicate reefs to get their dumb little souvenirs. on many reef or wreck dives, it is ILLEGAL to collect souvenirs of any kind.

3. the value of a 3-pane mask is highly debateable. 3-pane masks are high-profile and high-volume, which makes them much more difficult to clear than a good low-profile single-pane mask. the use of a big bulky 3-pane mask often screams the equivalent of "gaper" to the scuba world.

4. how can you possibly advise AGAINST using a BC??? what is this the stone age? a BC makes neutral bouyancy possible! you do not want to be constantly sinking (or floating) and having to fight to stay at a given depth. standing or walking on the bottom is a ridiculous and STUPID way to dive for many many reasons - e.g. see point #1. i'd wager that most if not all reputable dive operators would NEVER allow a diver to forgo a BC. not to mention the fact that a BC serves as a lifevest for when you need to float (or when someone needs to rescue you!)

5. the no-decompression limit is set by depth AND time. there's no magic threshhold at 30 ft. in fact, the accepted depth limit for recreational diving is 100-130 ft. recreational diving never involves true decompression, although a "safety stop" is often done.


p.s. Ryan, sorry to hear you didn't get to try it. diving is a blast.
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