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Where to stay in Jay? Or Stowe/Killington?

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Have to plan a weekend, or maybe a week long getaway.
The bonus for me is that I can take the Jay shuttle from Montreal.
Are there any options like that for Stowe or Killington?

Can ppl weigh in on the three? Looking to go to Vt.
For instance, if two are comparable, what intangibles sway you i.e. restaurants? good/cheap lodging?

I'm ok with travelling "student" style, one person might be new to wintersports, so, ski schools/terrain is also an issue.
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If you're taking somebody new to snowsports, then I would stay far, far away from Killington. They advertise lots of beginner terrain, but lots of it is simply narrow-ish connector trails from one area to the other. They do have their separate learn-to-ski area (Snowshed), but once you've graduated from that... :

Stowe has every variety of accomodations available. Stowe the mountain and Stowe the town are separated by about 10 miles of restaurants and hotels and shopping galore. Stowe has an entire mountain (Spruce Peak) that essentially for beginners and low intermediates. I don't have any experience with their ski school.

If you're looking for cheaper accomodations -- Montpelier (Vermont's capital) is fairly close by, probably about a half hour away from Stowe. Montpelier is a pretty small place, but it is home to some chain hotels.

I'm not familair enough with Jay to make any intelligent statements about it.
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Thanks for the input Will check out the travel options.
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If you live in the Montreal area, rule out K-town, its fairly southern VT and quite a drive (albeit a cool drive) from Stowe.

All three have their ups and downs though. First thing, look into Jay and their CAD rates, they used to honor CAD 1:1 for USD (although I have to admit, I have no idea what the exchange is now and how much a benefit that might be). Jay also has some great terrain for everyone but there is not much to do if you are there for a week other than ski, you might get bored after skiing.

Stowe, also has some great terrain, but can get brutally cold and icy. However, it has a really cool eastern historic skiing town feel to it, and there actually is a fair amount to do off the snow. Neither Jay, nor Stowe are that far from Montreal, they are just different highways out of Canada (I found the fastest way between the two was often to go into Canada - this was when I was at UVM in Burlington though, and didn't know the area that well).

Killington, the drive from Montreal will be kinda rough, especially going 2-3 hours past (south) Stowe, Smugglers, Sugarbush and Mad River. However, Killington probably has the most to offer off the snow and a wide variety of terrain, but their beginer terrain can be kinda boring or limiting (narrow widy flat connector trails). However, I must admit, from my own experience, they seemed to have the most stable weather.
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"Student style" check out the Ski Dorm on the mountain it's $12 a night I think.
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If you're going to Jay Peak

I would reccomend the Newport City Motel - cheap rates and a farily good place to stay for a town with so little a population. Newport is ~30min drive from Jay though and it sounds like you're not going to be driving down. I've also heard good things about the snowline lodge: http://www.snowlinelodge.com/ - they have some good package deals and they are close to Jay.
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I stayed at the Newport City Motel last yera and it was a good value. There is also a great trattoria on Main street. Excellent food and very reasonably priced. Newport is about a 20-minute drive from Jay.

I have also stayed at the Snowline Lodge. Rooms are a little small, but the price is right, you can't get any closer to Jay Peak unless you're staying on the mountain, they have a pretty decent free breakfast included (not a continental but a real sit down and serve you french toast kind of deal) and you can get discounted lift tickets with your room.
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At Jay, if you're going on a budget and don't mind "rustic" accomodations, check out Grampa Grunt's in Montgomery Center, a few miles from the mountain. Its a semi-hostel type place... individual rooms, some have bathrooms, some don't. Everything is kinda "homemade" if you get my drift. But its real cheap, fairly comfortable, cool mountain lodgish lounge in the basement and there's a good breakfast included. There's also a kitchen you can use to make food.
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Snowshed and Ramshed are the best beginner/intermediate areas in all NE, as far as I am concerned. Also Killington has an excellent ski school and is overall a more reliable ski resort as far as snow quality. I would no exclude it from your considerations...
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If you have a beginner skier/boarder I would recommend against Jay. Jay is great and is one of the only places I go in the east, however it is definitely NOT a beginner’s mountain. There are only a handful of runs and nothing from the top that would be considered "easy". One nice thing about Jay, other than the mountain and snow and etc..., is that you can find cheap lodging without dorming it. Check out their website.

Killington does have a lot of low level trails, but like was said before, they are spread out all over the place and are usually connector trails with some traversing/skating sections.

I would recommend Stowe for your trip. It has a great beginner/intermediate area, in fact its own beginner/intermediate mountain (Spruce Peak). Stowe is close to the border and there are plenty of lodging's up the mountain road. The tradeoff is it is more expensive in almost every way, lift tickets, lodge, ski school, food, etc...

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If there is a new slider traveling with you, you might consider Smugg's too, its right by Stowe and there is some great terrain. However, it is a more family oriented ski area.
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