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HEAD i.XRC 700 ? What is this !

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I've been shopping for new skis lately. I've finally set my sight on a pair of HEAD i.XRC 800 2007.

Now, if only I could find a great price ! The cheapest I've seen here in Quebec is 749$ + 15% Tax !

Yesterday, I was in a "sport experts" (A franchise) boutique and I noticed that they sell a model that is not listed on HEAD's web site: i.XRC 700.

They also have the XRC 500, but it's not stiff enough for a big guy like me.

I can't find any specs for the i.XRC 700. Is it a 800 in disguise ? It's got liquid metal and intellifibers and RF 11 bindings...

It looks like it a ski made specifically for the retail chain. But what is it underneath. I know you should not but skis for the cosmetic, but it looks a lot better in red white & black than the orange/Blue 800
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I think you are probably right in assuming that it is a standard ski with a changed topskin. However, my experience has been that it's much more likely to be a lesser ski made to appear moved up (so a XRC500) rather than and 800 renumbered down. Maybe you can get a good guess by matching sidecuts. The XRC 500 from '04 and '05 was basically red. Hopefully someone knows more.

XRC 800 -- 117/66/101
XRC 500 -- 115/69/99 (red)

2005 - the sidecut on these may be an error, surprised they are the same
XRC 800 -- 117/66/101
XRC 500 -- 117/66/101 (red)


XRC 800 -- 119/69/105
XRC 500 -- 115/69/99
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I called HEAD "Headquarters" <- What a joke ! In toronto, and the person I talked to told me that the 800 and 700 were the same with only a cosmetic change....

I talked to the local HEAD sales rep, and he told me that the skis had the same sidecuts, but the 800 was "probably" stiffer. He could not confirm, but he said that it's almost imposible to have a ski 100$ less than a 800 and that is identical. Otherwise, a lot of people would have been angry.

HEAD also told me that they only had 10 pairs of 177 cm left in their canadian warehouse.... Last year, when I tried to get my skis later, at a better price, there were no more skis for my length.

So, I finally bought the i.XRC 800 and shelled 911$ for 177 cm.

I hope I will enjoy the skis ! For now, it's 17 degrees C, no snow :-(

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