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Summers in between...

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Alright, it is pretty obvious that all of us involved in a sight like this think about skiing more than the average skier. Now, all of us above the Equator are stuck in the middle of summer, and most of us are looking forward to the next season. My question for all of us is this; what are you doing to pass the time in preperation for the upcoming season. I'm talking about things that have something to do with skiing, or at least the outdoors.

Here is what I'm up to in the triple digit heat:

* I watch a ski movie around once a week. Usually a TGR or MSP film.

* Get up to favorite resorts for a hike to scout better lines, learn terrain features and the such. Amazing how my line choices changed this past season from doing this. Also, I usually try to pick up a little garbage, which turns into a lot of garbage. Great way to get extra baskets as well.

* Download pictures for my desktop from webshots.com of huge moutains around the world. Places like Nepal, Patagonia, and Alaska top my favorites.

* Download new and interesting ski porn.

So what do you do? Hey, its summer and I'm trying to get a skiing related post going, give me some credit!
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Credit atcha then.

i am...

working out more than ever. to get ready for skiing, yes, but also to find some constructive way to kill the summer doldrums. and getting on the rollerblades.
same as you, searching for "ski porn"; sometimes an image, while not getting me there, at least gets me closer.
actually buying ski vids for the first time. (i watch the "winning runs" from past world cup seasons; i happen to prefer these to the hero movies with the big names skiing big lines on big mountains. i'm realizing my own "ski desire" is more along the lines of skiing fast and running gates, more than seeking "sick" steeps, though i admire and respect that stuff immensely.)
and, coming into work this morning, i had my first "how many days till i'll be skiing" countdown.
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Originally posted by SCSA:
it all makes more sense now!

alta skier, you are right, plus wind storms & fires change tree patterns.
good to know that at walking speed.

see ya in the castle,
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You mean I'm starting to make sense?
Oh, I gotta change that!

Seriously though, I'm all over it just like my man ryan is. I'm hoping to show up this year in the best shape of my life.

So ya know what that means right?.........

You guessed it!

"I'll be better than 98% of the skiers!".

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Paul, So " I'm hoping to show up this year in the best shape of my life." Well I'll just have to crank up the speed on buke commutes and do some more chinups so I'll still get in a few more runs than you.
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Originally posted by SCSA:

"I'll be better than 98% of the skiers!".
SCSA, why don't you come to Utah when you can hang with the other 2% of us!
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As we top another 30+ day here in Ontario, all I can do is wait for that first flake to fall out of the sky. To whittle away the time till then I'm: Watching ski porn (daily, is this too much), planing (will) to get in THE best shape of my life ever, rereading old porn mags, surfing ski sites collecting info, and going to sleep every night with visions of my new 10.20's peeking in and out of the powder. I thinks that I'm a ski addict, is this harmful? Hi my name is Artimus(no first/last names, just handles)and I'm a skiing addict.......And to think that I've only been dealing with this addiction for the past 2 yrs. Some of you here have been at it for many yr's.....the stamina that you must all possess
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Wow Artimus, I go to bed with that same image in my mind. I'm usually sleeping in 30 seconds [img]tongue.gif[/img]
Edit: today I tried to ski down my front yard...

[ July 15, 2002, 09:05 PM: Message edited by: Oykie ]
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Planning where to go in December. Booking flights. Reading epicski.

Trying to squeeze as much skiing as possible into hubby's paltry 20 days annual leave. Arguing about how to ski and still see both sets of parents over Christmas.
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