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Atomic Race Techs

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Hey guys,

I am a male skier looking for a new boot. I am very interested in Atomic's race boots. I asked Jeff Bergeron a few questions but it seems he is very busy... so i had to start a new thread.

I am looking at both the RT Ti and CS. I will try them on but i would like to know a few things about them from someone who tried them both.

What are the differences in fit between the Ti and CS? I am interested in the differences in the forefoot, mid foot and ankle/heel area.
I know that the CS is wider but is the difference noticeable in all those areas?

Thanks a lot!
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I am not absolutely certain but I do beleive that the only difference is a couple of mms at the forefoot and the liner.
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there are 4 mm difference between the two boots, with the TI really needing grinding for just about everyone to achieve a proper fit. The Ti is 95mm versus the Cs at 99mm. The liners are different too.

I tried on the Cs this year, but my foot just doesn't fit into the Ti. I didn't like the ramp angle in the Cs or the width of the toe box for myself. Later, RicB.
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What he said...

...I tried a pair of TIs a couple of seasons ago and couldn't even get my feet into the boots (I have a 10 1/2 C/D foot). My coach got a pair of the CSs last year, and I tried them and liked 'em, so I immediately went out and bought a pair.

They come in different flexes, and I got the 130 flex...just fine for a short, square Masters racer. I was coming off a Lange 120, and I like the way I'm standing on my skis a whole lot better with the Atomics. I'm skiing a bunch better, and I think boots are a lot of the reason.

Having said all that...yes, the CSs are wider, but the chances are pretty good you'll be doing a couple hours worth of fitting and grinding over a couple of sessions with a really good boot fitter. And even after that, they ain't gonna fit like bedroom slippers. It usually takes me 15 or 20 minutes to get my foot settled into the boot and buckled up right, then a run or two before they start feeling right. After that, they ski like a dream, but they're not real warm, either.

The Atomic Racetechs are like any other manufacturers race boots...they're Ferraris, which means they're teriffic on an F1 circuit, but not much for tooling around the local strip mall...
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I have the XS racetech (original before TI designation) in a 25.5 (or just 25, not sure). I have a C-width foot, and wear a size 10 shoe. My XS's (or "TI 100") may be slightly stiffer than the CS 130's, but are certainly at least equivalent in flex, despite Atomic's claims about their relative flexes.

I may be wrong, but it seems that the CS's liner is a tad thicker, which would mean that the boot shells are sized differently. It is not as stiff as the TI's liner. I do not know about the fit. I had to get the toebox ground, and I need more room in the instep.

I'm still experimenting with the spoiler. I've tried them both in and out, and I think just raising them a bit is going to be the best thing. With the spoiler removed I found them to be a good "high-octane" freeskiing boot, but without enough rear support. With the spoilers at their original position, freeskiing was a little tricky but I could handle my 201 SG's just fine, and overpowered my 176 m666's.
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