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Base Scratches

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I was waxing my skis last season, but my father had been using the same table for some steel work. Unknowingly, I picked up a grain of steel on my iron, and there is now a loop-de-loop scratch running down the length of my ski. It is not very deep, but you can feel it when running a finger over it.

Will this affect my skis, or should I not worry about it. If it will, how should I go about removing it? I only have a nylon brush...would a brushing with a brass brush take it out?

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If you race or like your bases perfect fix it with a p tex candle if not ski it out
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Base Scratches

Josh, a brass brushing won't take out a scratch. If it is really small-no harm done- as above if it really bothers you 1) clean base completely 2) P tex drip/fill the scratch 3) use plastic scraper to smooth base and remove uneven P tex, b rass brush, wax. From you description this really is not warranted, if its that small. You won't notice on the snow when skiing.It will fill with wax when you wax skis and you'll never notice.
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If it bugs you (it would me), light sanding with fine sandpaper wrapped around a metal scraper or sanding block can also take out minor scratches. If they are too deep, you may need to ptex as mentioned, or weld to fill. Sounds like it's an aesthetic issue not a a functional one though, and anything taking too long won't be worth any real noticeable benefit. Coarser sandpaper and/or stiff brass brush can also be used to reestablish or create base structure.
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Try a steel brush with a light touch to start. I also think brass will probably not do much for your. Personally, I wouldn't really worry about it that much. If nothing else, take them to the shop and have the bases stone ground.
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Thanks for the replies. As long as it isn't affecting performance then I'm not worried about it and will just leave it alone.
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So what size scratches do you have to worry about? I'm anal about maintenance and a little sand paper does the trick, but do I need to do it? Early in the season makes me want to get some rock skis for sure. Right now I have a few spots where it looks like a couple of nails slid down my ski and are not deep, but noticable... pisses me off..... By the way, anyone try that iron on powder to fix bases? I think beast tuning sells it?
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IMO, if the scratches are running down the length of the ski and not to the core, it's an aesthetic and personal preference issue. If across the ski and moderately deep, it may affect performance, depending on snow type. If in powder and soft snow, no worries. If on hardpack and hard groomers, something to consider fixing. As a rec skier, it won't be live changing to ignore.
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