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East Coaster here-this is what I've got:
Atomic GS12-Beer league and masters racing plus ripping on early morning groomed
Atomic SL11-Crowded icy conditions, workout days,attempting to make it thru a slalom course...
Dynastar Legend 4800-trees, bumps, softer stuff. later in the day as I want a more relaxed ski
Dynastar Int. 71-Garage sale purchase-deginated rock skis or loaners for visitors
K2 Lava Lamp-mogul skies (won 'em in a drawing) they haven't seem snow in a couple of years.
Atomic GS11-for sale shortly-replaced by the GS12
At our home mountain where I have a locker, I'll switch during the day, but on trips by cars when I take two or three pairs I still only use one or two at the most.
I'd just as soon get rid of an older ski while I can still get something for it rather than keep it long enough to be totally worthless. I collect enough other stuff!