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Ski Resort Tycoon II Recommendations?

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I saw this PC Game title the other day, and it looks pretty good! Definately looks like it would be worth the money at $20. I was just wondering if any of you guys have tried this ski resort sim and what you think? Thanks!
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I've got Ski Resort Tycoon I, pretty fun . . . I think I played it for an hour before I got sick of it! [img]smile.gif[/img] Its neat in some ways, but also sort of depressing since the only way to "succeed" is to contiuously grow. The same ultimately non-sustainable business model that most folks fall for in the real world unfortunately. You can't build a Taos, Wolf Creek, Mad River or such a resort with character but relatively stable - if you don't grow-grow-grow . . . you go bankrupt. But maybe they have added more options to version II, I've not seen that one.
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Yeah, I agree, this game needs to be more realistic. It is patterned after their succesful Empire building progams of the past.

THe SKi Area Tycoon, should hve to deal with the Forest Service, and it's many branches, Archeology, Forestry, and Washington.
THe area manager nees to be able to control snow guns and water production as well as retention. Public realtions with area residents as well as Sierra Club and others of more social import.
Marketing should have more to do with the outcome than just being an expense, good marketing is rewarded and a brand developed.
Weather should play a big part of it. Good snow bad snow, when it snows and how much all affect the area ability to be profitable and grow.
Disecions like when to open and what to open affect your staffing and profitability these need to be factored into the game.
Ski Patrol is not even in this one. They need to factor is good patrol Vs bad patorl and the outcome from the lawsuits which will follow. A death at your area will bring some bad karma!
Finaly this should be put on a grid basicly a calander, so that the day to day efforts and outcome can be realized in true analog fashion.
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I just got Ski Resort Tycoon II the other day. It's pretty neat. The gist is that you choose from a half-dozen "raw" mountains and create a ski resort-- cutting runs, building lifts, a village of shops and condos. You can even start a step earlier and create your own "raw mountain". If you really know the topography of your home area, I guess you could recreate it. There's also a POV mode where you can "virtually ski" your resort.

It has some shortcomings-- you place moguls on a slope rather than the skiers creating them by their turns over time.

But for the $20 that I paid at Target, I definitely got my money's worth.

I'm not normally into computer games, but anybody who is into "real-life skiing" would probably find it interesting or at least amusing.
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Fun thing to do: make a 50 degree slope, add bumps, and put a green sign on it. Watch instructors take classfuls of wedging beginners down it. Lots of over their heads, and lots of bodies piled up at the bottom.
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find a 12 year old to get the cheat codes for the game off the internet for you... unlimited $$ and who knows what else...

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I'm not 12, but I am unemployed this week, so I thought I'd do a bit of searching for you.

SKi Resort Tycoon 2 Trainer 1

or there's one here...
Scroll down the page to Ski Resort Tycoon 2 crack

and finally,
Crakcz download

But a warning - you'll get loads of pop-up adds when you look at some of these!

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this topic just got a MAJOR 'bump.' hehe. i posted this topic months ago, lol. i've since bought the game myself.

i found it to be okay, very slow... espeically with the night time change which i really don't like cause you can't see to build and it's slower than day time.

the game still has lots of problems, but for $20, i'm sure it'll get a lot of play time during the summer and spring months, hehe.
http://www.skiresorttycoon.com/ has tons of info about the game including the cheats, btw.
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I love this game... much better than the first one.

The cheat codes are key. Its definitely more fun to just be able to build everything you want when you want it. For $20 it's worth buying.
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Did Les Otten learn from this game? Did he?! Huh?!!!
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