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Boots for junior racers

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Nordica has a nice lineup of Dobermann boots for juniors. The Dobie 60, 70, and 80. Does anyone have a rough idea of the relative skier weight that would be appropriate for each model? The racers have 3-4 years of racing under their belts.
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Ehhh, I weigh around 140, and I ski in Doberman 130s....and i've been skiing since i was like 3-4...stopped for hockey, and started racing when i was around 13 or so. So ive been racing for about 3-4 years.
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Weight range I'm looking at is 75 to 95lbs.
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we sell a lot of dobermans and the new line is awesome. the 60 and 70 are new this year . the 80 is last years 70. the flex #s can go according to wieght team, 60 60 plus lbs 70 70 plus lbs 80 80plus lbs of course there are some variables, length of lower leg and aggressiveness to consider good luck
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Skierracing, thanks so much for the info. I couldn't find it anywhere. Do you have any idea how last years GTS Team compares to any of those? I have pair already (hand me downs from a friend).

Also, anyone have any suggestions on when I should move the kids from junior boots to adult models?
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the gts is a big fluffy pillow with lots of room , great rec boot,does not have as much forward lean , as far as moving to adult boots that will come in around 120 lbs or when you run out of jr sizes
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Skierracing, how would you describe the volume fit of the junior Dobies? Can they take an average foot or are they too narrow? My kids have been in Lange Comp 60s junior boots up to this point.
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the lange 60 is a great boot for the little guys , the nordica is a much larger volume then the 60 lange,we are finding out that a lot of the kids are staying in the same size as the lange 60 because they run so big. the nordica theory is to have the boot tight in the heel but a little wider up front so that we can get a tighter fit without pinching the 6 much does the athlete weight now?
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Originally Posted by skierracing View Post
how much does the athlete weight now?
I've got one at 82lbs and the other at 92lbs. Do you think they should both be in the Dobie 80?

BTW, do the Dobie's run about the same length as the Langes?
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were both kids in the lange 60 last year ? if so the team 70 should be fine for both , if real aggressive and a j3 then i would say the team 80. if you can,t find any in your area let me know I have plenty.
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Originally Posted by skierracing View Post
were both kids in the lange 60 last year ? if so the team 70 should be fine for both , if real aggressive and a j3 then i would say the team 80. if you can,t find any in your area let me know I have plenty.
I sent you a Private Message.
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Did anyone have any experience with junior Atomic redster race boots like wc 70 from last year or fis 70 from this year? Any advice for a girl, 10 years old, 5'25", 120 lb in size 25.0 MP?
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Don't know if there's a difference between the FIS and WC designated JR Atomic boots, but Atomic make good boots. A friends daughter went from Fischer race boots to Atomic JR race boots (don't know if it was WC or FIS)) and was much happier. However that's her feet. You need to make sure the Atomics have the appropriate fit for your daughters feet.

25.0 for a ten year old (25.5 to be exact, no such thing as a 25.0 shell, I've learned)? Are you sure? My 13 year old 5'2.6" 114 lbs girl is in 23.5 (Lange) boots, and I wouldn't consider them even close to race fit yet. Does your daughter have very big feet?
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She has 38-39 EU size feet and was measured by Atomic as 247 mm. Now has 24.5 boots but as this season is almost over I would like to get her used on this boots for the next one.

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Wow. That is big for a 10 year old. Not that many females who get to Eur 38/39 even as adults.
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No experience with Atomic junior boots, but I would recommend looking at the Lange as well and obviously get the smallest boot that will fit. The Lange boots in that size are basically an adult boot with junior dins (you would probably be looking at a 24.5, not a 25), but if it is too stiff, there are plenty of ways to soften it including V-notch in the back down to the top rivet, extending the cuts on the sides (they are marked), and replacing the power strap with the junior Booster Strap (single elastic). I would do them in the reverse order of what I listed above, though at 120 lb. it should be fine. Understand the difference between adult and junior boot construction and buy a boot that is build like a race boot. Most manufacturers have both in their lineup.

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Finally Got a great deal on the new last year Atomic WC 70 (105 Eur)and the boot is just great for her as she improved her race results significantly. The boot fit tight although the plastic is not too stiff it is the rear carbon part that does all the work. Thanks for the advices.
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What size boot did you get? Number one mistake most parents make is buying boots to large...


My 13yo measures 252mm and his feet are sloshing around in a 25.5 WC 90, significantly impacting his ski control - moving him back down to 24.5 for the rest of the season and likely for next year, if his feet don't grow too much.


When using the shell fit method for racers - you should have less than half an inch between the heel and boot... two fingers is already a generous fit.



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Ditto Razie. My 13yo measures 237 and is in 23.5 SC RS 90 Langes. She can grow 3-5 mm before they have race fit. She will be in them next season too.
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