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11-11 Mary Jane

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Well I decided to take the "HP" lift up to Paresene's bowl and ride on down through Mary Jane to check out the Conditions.
The HP Chair in dowload mode.

Ahh that's better ready for uphill travel.

I skinned up through Second Creek on Berthoud Pass. Took a break at the mid mountain lodge for lunch.

Talk about luxury...

Got going again, looking at South Cone...getting close.

Ahh now I can see the Cirque. Wow there is a lot of snow back there already. I am sure you could get turns back there. Could be an early opening for that area if the snow continues to fly.
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North Cone which lies in the resort.

Ahhh the Timberline Lift and the HP lift is into download mode.

I had to hike down about 20 yards from the summit, but then the snow was filled in just fine.
Paresene's area is looking good too.

A look at Lunch Rock. Can't see the new lift. At least I don't

Cody the BC dog chasin' my tracks.

Dog in the fading light.

A look up the liftline and down.

There where rocks and some thin coverage here and there. Then again, I didn't hit a thing. As long as the snow flies, it could be another great early season for all.
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Very nice TR - must be very special to be there all alone and experience it without the typical crowds. I definitely can't wait for The Jane to be open.
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Very nice!
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With the new and expected snow, how much longer do you think it will be be till more of MJ, paresene, and vasquez open up?
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I'm guessing you no longer have these lines all to yourself.
Nice TR.
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Whats the conditions on Parsens? Vasquez? Last time I was up at MJ they didnt even have Parsens open, so the last few weeks I have been over at Copper. Feel like its time to break out the Gots and hit up Vasquez though!
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Cool report. Wish I had known about this site a long time ago.

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