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Breckenridge or Telluride?

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Putting together a trip for the second week in December and having a tough time chosing between these two? Which has a better chance for good snow? Which is kid friendlier? I've heard that Telluride is more beautiful but a bit more costly once you're there for food/drink etc? Any ideas? Thanks.
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From someone who has skied both, this is a no-brainer...Telluride all the way. More snow, no crowds, better terrain (yes they have kid friendly runs) and MUCH, MUCH more beautiful than Breck. Though I didn't go out much there (stayed in Durango with friends) I can't imagine food/drink being much more expensive than the average CO resort town.
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I'd pick Telluride too. Unfortunately, you will find fewer lodging bargains in T-ride than Breck. While cost of eating out is about the same, the restaurants tend to be better in Telluride -- something that will be good for you, but not necessarily for your kids unless they are adventurous eaters. The lack of crowds and liftlines is a big plus at T-ride.

There is probably not much you can do about this if you are committed to going the second week in December, but snow cover might be a bit thin at either resort. Hopefully, you'll get lucky.
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In general, food will be cheaper in Mountain Village than it is in town. (but still resort prices)

the usual chain eateries are well represented in Frisco and Dillon/Silverthorne - if cost is an absolute consideration
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Telluride handsdown, for scenery, great town and of course, skiing. It can be more expensive (depending on where you eat and stay) but you can do it for a close amt. You won't need a car at either, but the shuttle from Montrose is cheaper than the shuttle to Breck. One other thing to consider, Breck does have better powder right now. That said...it could change in a heartbeat.
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Great info! Thanks guys.
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Telluride as everybody has already stated.

check out vrbo.com for houses you can rent for the family. I prefer that to staying in hotels/condo's.
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Oakstreet Inn (I believe that is the correct name) is very inexpensive . The Telluride Mountainside Inn is another good choice. Or you could always tay in Ouray (if you don't mind the drive). They offer some great ski packages there.
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