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Anyone up by Sugarbush?

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Is there ANY snow on the mountain?!
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There was....and they were blowing snow too...but it's been raining on and off for the last few days and is supposed to be 'unseasonably warm' on Wednesday. Saturday and Sunday should see snowmaking temps return though and I'm sure they will get on it pretty quickly. The patrol set up both Mt Ellen & LP this past weekend so they are good to go as soon as Mother N cooperates.
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Unfortunately it's pretty much gone. Hopefully, they can keep some of the base of the trails they blew snow on until the colder weather gets here at the end of the week. It's been very foggy the last couple of days.

Over at www.skimrv.com the owner Win Smith keeps everyone updated as to the opening. Here is his latest post http://forums.skimrv.com/viewtopic.php?t=442
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This warm weather makes the baby jesus cry...
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In the words of butthead . . .

Thith thukxth!!
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