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2006 Ride LX Binding Mounting HELP!

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I am from hawaii and moved to colorado for school and was mounting my '06 LX bindings on my new ride board and noticed there are black plastic washers included.... can someone help me out and tell me where these go? thank you very much for your time and help.
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No idea what you are talking about. Maybe some pics of your disc set up and the accessories that come with them to mount it...
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Umm.. I dont have any pictures and i wont be able to take any until the weekend so basically my bindings came with the discs, screws with the wavy metal washers and then these plastic black washers...
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They are meant to go under the baseplate on the thread of the screw. Their purpose is that once you have them on, your screws won't fall off when you take off your bindings. Don't even bother putting them on, unless you are extremely clumsy when taking off your bindings. It has nothing to do with performance or whatnot.
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