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What ski, for me??

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I am an expert skier here in the NorthEast (USA). I ski on Fischer RC4's, the Air Carbon Ti GS ski. The length is 181cm. I am 5' 8'' tall and weigh 220lbs. (Ya, I know)
Observations about this ski............
Cruiser!! Great on groomed runs.
Fast. Heavy...they feel magnetic to the snow.
Not good in bumps, too stiff.
I love the ski, however, they keep me out of the bumps, which I like to ski a couple times per day. I think I made the mistake of not getting an all mountain ski??
I bought these skis 3-4 years ago. I went into the shop wanting to buy K2's (Axis Mod-X). Now I am wondering, are the Fischers the right ski for me?? I am once again considering new skis??
The lengths just get shorter and shorter through the years?? What length for me?? What ski would you recommend?? All mountain??
Help me out.
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Whhoops. Wrong forum.
Can anyone move this for me??
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The Fischer Ti GS is an early generation shaped race carver. A good ski for higher speeds on ice.

Skis have changed a great deal in 5 years.

I would read the FAQ sticky at the top of this forum. You might consider a membership to realskiers.com also.


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You might like the Fischer WC SC in a 170.
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