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Ski dome in NJ

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I heard on the news this morning that there are plans to turn the Meadowlands Sports Complex in NJ into more of an entertainment destination. There's talk about an indoor ski dome and indoor surfing too! To be completed by 2007. Are there any other indoor ski domes in the US?

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I heard of plans for one in Vegas, with halfpipe and jumps for year round freestyle training.
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I haven't heard any details about the on in NJ, only that it's part of a huge re-development plan for the Giant's stadium/Meadowlands complex.
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Hmmm. Haven't heard that one yet, but if both the NJ Nets & Devils move to a proposed new arena in Newark, the NJS&EA would have to find a new source of revenue for Continental Airlines Arena. I doubt they can convince Bruce Springsteen to play 80 shows there a year!
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What happened to the one that was supposed to be in Anaheim?
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Recent issue of one of the ski rags discussed the failure of one such veture at Disney. The one in Vegas is supposed to have addressed the problems that caused said failure and is sched to open by beginning of '04.
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