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Last ski season, my father and I decided to take advantage of the early special at The Canyons, Utah. I paid the amount up front and we arrived at the resort on December 6. However, as most of you know, snow was very thin at that time. I believe only 4 green runs were open and the remainder was mud. The resort was kind enough to give us a credit for a later time and my father and I went to Alta.
Later in the ski season, as I was trying to schedule again, their room availability and my work schedule was not working out and the Canyons told me that I could carry my money into next year. Wow! I thought that was great.

Now, today I called the Canyons to schedule our trip and they told me that I forfeited my money by not skiing last season and that there was nothing they could do about it. I even spoke to the manager - same response.

It's not that I want something for nothing because they did receive my money. I also respect cancellation policies, but when I am told that I could use my credit this year and am now told that they are going to keep my money, I am thoroughly disgusted with this place.

Thank you for letting me vent.

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