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Seeking Demo Advice

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I am going on a trip to CO in December and am going to try to demo skis while I am there.

I am in my upper 50's, 5' 11"" and weight aprox 170 lbs. I ski mostly green and blue cruisers at moderate speeds - no bumps. I am not looking to really 'move up' or advance in the sense of going up to skiing steep terrain or high speeds. I am pretty comfortable where I am at.

What I seek is a 'no surprise' type of ski that offers a smooth ride, good stability - a low energy type ride that I can relax on. Also, what size would you reccomend? I am used to the days od 225cm straight skis and the sizing on todays models is confusing. I hear varying accounts. Some say go long, others say short.

What is long today anyways?

Last year at my local hill I tried one of the twintip models and found it stable but not real good on the ice. Also I could not get past ther skull and crossbones graphics.

ps...any ski I bring home I will be using primarily on my home hill of PeaknPeak or Holliday Valley.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or info you can offer.
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You should get a lot of responses

Some to consider:

Head XRC800
Fischer RC6
Volkl 4 Star/S4
Dynastar Contact 9
K2 5Com (or Omni 5 from prior years)

Length around 170 (168-177)
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