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Colorado Crowds Nov 16-19?

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If you had to guess which resort would have the fewest crowds this week Thur-Sun:

Keystone, Copper, Breck?

Have the flight booked but not the hotel.... Would like to avoid crowds if thats at all possible...


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If you looked at it as people per acre on average, then Copper probably very narrowly beats Keystone. In fact, so narrowly that you wouldn't even notice. Skier numbers at those two resorts are almost exactly the same. Breck is a distant 3rd.
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And it doesn't help that they don't have very much terrain open. Hopefully, we will finally get some new snow tonight...Sunday was like skiing on top to bottom concrete.
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Yep, it was nothing but ice on Sunday...
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we can see you were suffering. Damned good thing you got a shop tune before the outing.
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