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Rossi Zenith 9ti size?

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I had Atomic sx7 166cm. Now i want to buy Rosii from title above and I dont know what lenght to use. 170cm or 162 cm?? I am 192 cm (abot 6'3") height and 100kg (about 2oo ) weight. i am a good skier, I like to ski not too fast and make short turns. But sometimes I like go a little bit faster with a big turnes. Allways on slope. Also, I have Atomic B5 ski boots. Do I really need boots with higher fleks for this ski?
Sorry for bad english and thanks on any kind of help.
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These ski short. I'm 6', 165 lbs, demoed the 170's and found them just about right.
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I've got the 176 - I'm 6', 185 lbs., and I use Atomic M10's for boots. I ski fast, carve hard,and mainly icy packed snow here in MN.
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100kg is closer to 220 lbs. I'd say the 170's are probably the better bet. I have 170's and am 190 lbs. I've only skied them on opening day so far, and I can say that I wouldn't want them any shorter (don't think I need them longer either).
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I am 5-10 and 195 and ski the 170s, that seems perfect for me. They are a lot of ski, and I am still getting to know them (3 days at the end of last season), but so far they love to turn and rip on the hardpack/groom.
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