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used ski questions

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I am looking at some used, and cheap skis, for rock skis.

They are:
Volant Machete Souls in 165
Atomic Beta Ride 9.22 in 170
Blizzaed TG4 in 170

I am an intermediate skier, 260 lbs. I ski New England ice - Groomers. Are these any good for what i want them for? My main skis are Atomic M:10.
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For your weight, I think you will over power any of these skis in the length you are looking at.
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I second what Phil said.
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How about:
Volant Epic gravity in 180
Atomic Beta ride 9.22 in 180
Atomic R11 Beta in 180

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Much better choices. If you can wait, I have a pair of 180 Volants you can have for free. I don't want to deal with shipping but can bring them with me next time I am going to Vt. If you want me to ship them, I will want $40.00
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Deal. If the weather continues like it is here, i won't be needing any skis for the near future.

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