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Tomorrow, A&E is playing Downhill Racer staring Robert Redford & Gene Hackman. Fun to see the racecourse from the ski's perspective.

Fri 18 8:00 AM Downhill Racer 52 A&E
Fri 18 2:00 PM Downhill Racer 52 A&E
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Well, If you want a movie with an actual story to it get a movie called Skiing Aspen-I think it takes place in the early 90's or late 80's- I picked up a copy on DVD at walmart for $6 : -

But if you are looking for a good movie that doesn't have a story to it get a Warren Miller film such as "Cold Fusion"- If you are really into "new-school skiing" then you might want to pick up a movie called "Propoganda", although might I add-It has no narration where as the nice thing about Warren Miller movies is that it is narrated by Warren Miller himself-Plus Warren Miller has been making skiing films for over 50 years-

Hope this helps-and sorry about all the typos-I'm in a rush

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Your not talking about Aspen Extreme are you???
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Aspen Extreme is without doubt the worst movie ever made.
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There's a ski movie with Hannes Schneider, set in St. Anton in the 30's. I think it has been reissued as a videotape by the New England Ski Museum. I can'tremember the title, something like "White Holiday". Great Flic!
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Originally posted by Ullr:
Your not talking about Aspen Extreme are you???
Yeah-thas what I meant
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Actually AE it's the only ski movie that I have . On DVD.
Zone 1 (am living in a zone 2), and American language only.
I am obliged to watch it on my PC, but I happen to like it.
At least it's got a little story behind it, not only ski flick scenes.
Of corse I'll buy all the other movies, one at a time.
Got lot of time to kill.
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how bout that movie extreme ops? anyone have an opinion about this one and the amount of ski footage? the preview says there three snowboarders and a downill skier.
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Out Cold-even though its snowboarders
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Ski School. It's filmed at Whistler and shows bare breasts!!!! : :
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Originally posted by Superbox:
how bout that movie extreme ops? anyone have an opinion about this one and the amount of ski footage? the preview says there three snowboarders and a downill skier.
bwaaah hah hah

more corn than iowa
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Originally posted by ryan:
Downhill Racer, 1969, directed by the late Michael Ritchie, starring Robert Redford as U.S. Ski Team member called up to team when another downhiller is injured. Gene Hackman plays the U.S. coach. If you race AND like film (this is very "filmic," by the way, especially the opening sequence), you must check this out. I tend to put in the tape every August.
Was watching it today. Wonder why no one ever made another serious ski movie. Aspen Extreme came close to being serious, but was way out there in realism. Except of course for the 7 dollar shrimp.
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How bout some of those James Bond flix for some "realistic" ski footage?" Don't forget Triple X for snowboarding...
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Yes like in XXX I too have outrun numerous killer avalanches!!! It was very realistic.
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Don't forget having to dodge machine gun fire from henchmen. Don't forget to wear your helmet!!
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Downhill Racer...no question
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Greg Stump's "Blizzard of Aahhhs", 1988, starring Scot Schmidt (creator of "the smear" steeps landing), Glen Plake (he of the multi-colored mohawk and 215cm skis), and Mike Hattrup (bump-boy turned K2 telemarker, first U.S. Certified Mountain Guide), was, for many, the debut of Squaw cliff jumping, and some of the most incredible Chamonix footage ever shot. And if you loved Downhill Racer, "Aahhs" opening sequence at the World Speed Skiing Championships in Les Arcs, is not to be missed.

All of the group's recommendations are fine, enjoyable, thrilling diversions from Summer's blight, but if you want the one and only "best ski movie ever made", this is it.

"Overtraining is the disease of excellence."
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Better off dead. One of the best movies ever!! I love it.
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As a curiosity, THE MORTAL STORM will be on this week (TCM, maybe?), the 1940 James Stewart movie that features some 1940s-style skiing/equipment as they make their escape out of Austria. ALLMOVIEGUIDE.COM gives it four stars (though I'm sure the ski sequences might not be worthy of Warren Miller... If nothing else, how can you go wrong with James Stewart?

The Mortal Storm

1940 - USA - 100 min. - Feature, Available in Colorized Version, B&W
AMG Rating: ****
Director Frank Borzage
Genre/Type Drama, Political Drama
Flags Suitable for Children
MPAA Rating NR
Keywords concentration-camp, family, Fascist, journey, master-race, Nazism, politician, power, professor, ruin, teacher, occupation [military]
Themes Holocaust, Teachers and Students, Love Triangles
Tones Disturbing, Stirring, Forceful, Ominous, Tense
From book Mortal Storm
Set In pre-World War II, World War II
Produced by MGM

The Nazi Party's rise to power has disastrous consequences for a German family in this drama. Victor Roth (Frank Morgan) is a college professor teaching in Germany in 1933 who leads a peaceful and contented life with his wife Emelie (Irene Rich), son Rudi (Gene Reynolds), daughter Freya (Margaret Sullavan), and stepsons Otto (Robert Stack) and Erich (William T. Orr). However, Adolph Hitler's emergence as Germany's ruler has an unexpected impact on their lives. Fritz (Robert Young) and Martin (James Stewart) both vie for Freya's hand in marriage, but anti-Nazi activist Martin is forced to flee to Austria, while Freya is disturbed by Fritz's membership in a pro-fascist group. Victor repudiates Hitler's theories about Aryan superiority in class, and he not only loses his teaching position, but he is sentenced to a concentration camp. And while Emelie and Rudi join Freya as she tries to escape to Martin's new home in Austria, they find themselves hunted by Otto and Erich, now members of the Hitler Youth. The Mortal Storm was perhaps the most explicitly anti-Nazi film made in Hollywood prior to America's entry into WWII, and it resulted in all of MGM's product being banned in Germany. — Mark Deming

Margaret Sullavan - Freya Roth
James Stewart - Martin Breitner
Robert Young - Fritz Marberg
Frank Morgan - Professor Victor Roth
Robert Stack - Otto von Rohn
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Remember watching Blizzard of Aaahhhs & Maltese Flamingo (another Greg Stump classic) when I was at uni. Since then it's been the annual pilgrimage to the Warren Miller movie.
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