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can anyone recommend a good ski movie???

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can anyone recommend a good ski movie that i could buy online from like amazon or another website? theres so many out there but the one i pick is, considering my luck, going to be horribly boring..lemme know if u guys have any favorites
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Ski movie: The front line...trust me.
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The Prophecy from TGR was sick, The Front Line is sweet too. What kind of films are you into? Big mtn, jib films?
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actually i dont know what kind of films im into...i race a ton but i get enough of watching racing on OLN...uhmmm big mtn is ok, its just kind of tiresome if u watch an hour straight of it...mebbe some park stuff or a mix of everything any movie about skiing must be good right?????????/
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oh and when u say ski movie do u mean 1,2 or 3? and would getting 2 and 3 on amazon for 35$ be a rip or not?
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Warren usually puts a mix into his movies and they are easy to find. You can even rent them at Blockbusters. : :
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I prefer Warren Miller flicks over the "new skool" type films.

Though I have heard positive things about TGR's Prophecy, Ski Movie series, and Salad Days.

In my collection are WM's Freeriders, Fifty, and Cold Fusion.

I saw WM's Storm at a ski expo this past season and really enjoyed it. His music keeps getting better each year. He's heavy on the Dave Matthews if that's your thing.

Warren's a little corny, and a lot of his stuff is a bit cliche, but the man knows how to produce a professional ski film, and I usually end up with my ski boots on by the end of the hour or so.

Oh, and yes, $35 for both films is reasonable. Check out half.com for similar deals.

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Downhill Racer, 1969, directed by the late Michael Ritchie, starring Robert Redford as U.S. Ski Team member called up to team when another downhiller is injured. Gene Hackman plays the U.S. coach. If you race AND like film (this is very "filmic," by the way, especially the opening sequence), you must check this out. I tend to put in the tape every August.

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Ski Movie 2 & 3. The best blend.
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All MSP & TGR films (except the TGR jib flicks, unless that's what you are into) rock. Avoid Warren Miller like the plague, mediocrity is not a good thing. Oh, make sure you see P-Tex, Lies and Duct Tape.

[Only true for modern WM films, 15 years ago there was no other choice and he was a pioneer.]
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Based on what I've seen, these are my recommendations (in order of preference):

1. Ski Movie III (The Front Line - Seth's Lincoln Loops takes big mountain tricks to a level that is arguably unmatched.
2. Mind the Addiction - Some killer powder shots that'll drop your jaw
3. First Strike (Where it All Begins) www.pimpinfrogz.com - A refreshing change from TGR & Matchstick formats. Great Whistler footage. Some content is a bit more "down to earth" than what you'll find in TGR and Matchstick productions. Skiers are first class i.e. Hugo Harrison, Leblanc, Leif, Canadian Bad Asses, etc.
4. Prophecy - Pretty good, check out the Collin Bros.
5. Ski Movie II - Alot of skit, saucer boy bs. Check out the killer base jumping!
5. Seth Morrison Chronicles - Documentary - not a pure ski movie.

A good place to buy these movies? BUY.com is the cheapest PERIOD - Find me a better deal, please.

Also, if you have vhs player, you might consider "Blizzard of AAAhhs", haven't seen it yet, but have heard that it is a cult classic.

As for Warren Miller, thanks for lighting the fire.
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hmmm find a better deal than buy.com? easy. Buy.com is selling ski movie III for 27.98, amazon is selling it for 17 and change, in fact, on amazon u can get ski movie 2 and 3 for $35. there i did it, i found u a better deal!
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How about this ?
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Blizzard of Aahhs!
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Either I'm the only one who can get this deal, I'm trippin', or, well see for yourself:


$13.99 for Ski Movie III
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hmmm ill be damned brianblanco, i must be seeing things, im nearly positive i saw it for 27.98...must be this summer heat, im just not used to any temperature above freezing...anyway thanks for pointing it out...ill order tonight!
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Freeriders by Warren Miller is good. Also, Snowriders and isn't there a Snowriders II, or have I just seen Snowriders twice? :
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Blizzard of Aahhs!
I second the vote. Simply the best, even though it's fifteen years old.
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RAP, MSP and TGR are all worthy producers. Although the old stuff sometimes lacks intensity, they crammed more footage into a flick and that often exceeded 30 minutes.

Favorite old movies: Fetish, Ptex, Lies & Duct tape, Uprising, The White Room, BofA

Favorite new movies: Sick Sense, Global Storming, Ski Movie (Series)

I found an old North Face extreme skiing video at a discount store for $5 and this has been in my time lock vault for oldies...
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Originally posted by WVSkier:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> Blizzard of Aahhs!
I second the vote. Simply the best, even though it's fifteen years old.</font>[/quote]Make that 3 votes. Blizzard rules despite the passage of time. Way more interesting than "new school" stuff showing ridiculous 80 to 100-foot hucks into bomb craters. These guys actually ski and make turns.
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I am with you gonz. One or two hucks is ok but I want to watch some skiing.

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The problem with the Blizzard of Aaah! is that you cannot find it anywhere, anymore. They should release it again on DVD. Anybody can tell me if they can find a place that still sell it?

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Thanks, I ordered it today.
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If you're looking for a change in the regurgitated crap MSP & TGR has been putting out the past decade or so, check out Team 13's The Trip. Worth every penny I spent -- including the ones I dropped for a new VCR. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Order it here: http://www.team13.com/
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Originally posted by ryan:
Downhill Racer, 1969
...hey ryan, you're not kidding, it's always great to watch..and the music...timeless. Mooooon River! ...gotta luv it.

Blizzard of Ahhhhhs [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Aspen Extreme's...the chase/waterfall scene is great..(but that's it!)

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I agree with Blizzard of Aahhs! and Downhill Racer, both great.

I just picked up Fifty from a store that bought them from Blockbuster for $1.00.
That's right, $1.00.
I also picked up Better off Dead which also has a ski theme

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I usually don't break out the ski flix til about August, but all this talkin' about 'em has me jonesin'.

Just bought a 51" Sony Widescreen and progressive scan DVD, so I jumped onto half.com and picked up Ski Movie 1 and 2 on DVD, that Shane McConkey flick on DVD, and WM Snowriders II VHS. I'm looking forward to wasting a few hours on all that!

I'll be skiing Chile Aug. 23 so I'll be groovin on these in the meantime.
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Yea Teach B.O.D. has some classic lines like when he went to the ski shop to pick up his ski, and the owner came out in a wheel chair with a full body cast, and stated that everything looked so easy after the Olympics!!!

P.S. Anybody that has the STARZ Superpack on their dish or digital cable, Cold Fusion is on the True Stories channel in the month of July. First showing is on the 12th. I have yet to see that one so I am stoked!!!

: : :

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Blizzard of AAAAhhs

Where else are you going to find fluro like that these days. And not only were they skiing unbelievable terrain, they did it with like a tonne of camera equipment strapped to their helmets.

I watch it at least twice a year. In fact had the local pub put it on while we had our squad meeting the other day and it still has the power to entrance everyone.

Downhill Racer is also a very cool movie. The clothes are great. The ski lengths are just scary!

Worst movie ever though must be that Aspen one where they spend the whole time in the spa. Although my first year of teaching I met someone who did the hiring clinic specifically because he was so inspired by the film and wanted to be like the lead character. :

The ski scene in Hitchcocks "Spellbound" is good for a laugh.

I like the one that came out a few years back that was a rip off of James Bond but I can't remember what it's called. Anyone?

And yes... you do have to make the annual pilgrimage to see Warrens latest. It's always a bit of an event, and anything with snow is good before the season opens.
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