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k2 Apache Recon or Crossfire

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Me: 23 160lbs (hopefully 158 by dec 1st) 5'7 Between advanced and expert skiing double diamonds for many years. East coast mostly with usually 1 maybe 2 short trips out west a year.

enjoy making medium sized turns down really steep groomed runs although its usually ice/hardpack. i end up on alotta runs that are kinda off-piste stuff with inconsistent crud/chunks that are relatively steep. i can suffer through the bumps and tree skiing (never tree skied in powder tho, i only have had 1 actual powder day out west looks like a ball tho).
i have always used relatively short skies. since i could always hit the groomers pretty hard i thought shorter skies would help me with moguls and tight trees. i have had some improvement but not as much i should've.
I demoed the Rossi B3 160" last year at snowbird and wasnt thrilled. i liked how they handled the chunks of crud i encountered and soft snow was pretty good. but on the regular trails and hardkpack it was sluggish, boring, clunky, at times they felt alittle big on me but maybe that was their girth. if i were to 3' or more out west i would probably just demo a straight powder ski.
right now i have a 155" POS saloman spaceframe 8 that was supposed to be an advanced/intermediate ski that i was too advanced for from day 1.
so it boils down to:
will the crossfire be able to handle grinding down a steep face with inconsistent chunks of whatever trying to push my skies every which way? how much better at carving will the recon be than the b3. im scared that the recon is gonna be sluggish on the groomers and bulky in the moguls. but im also scared i wont be able to take the crossfires everywhere on the mountain. also what size? i think i would be alright with the 160's but the 167's might be alittle long for me.
07 model btw
your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated cause im : and out of time.....thanks!!!!
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I'm about 170, and I ski the K2 Recon as my Western ski. I use the 174 length, whcih was fine at Snowbird last year (and we got a lot of snow the week I was there). I think you'd easily be safe with the 167 length of either model. I don't really take the Recon out unless there's lots of soft snow present, so I can't comment too much on it's hard-snow carving prowess. I'm not a great bumper by any means, but I've gotten my Recon's through some soft bumps without too much trouble. I avoid the usual rock-hard icy bumps like the plague.

I demo'd the Crossfire last year, but I didn't really like it that much. It has that "K2 feel" of being very damp; it just felt kind of liveless underneath my feet. I prefer skis with a bit more "pop" for the usual East coast fare.

Hope that helps!
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It depends. For me, I had a hard time keeping the crossfire pointed in the right direction in chop (but then, that was after five straight days skiing 78mm or fatter). But I know another guy who skied pretty much everything in the Aspen area on them with no problemo (including the Highlands "cliff", to me at least). For me, the Recon is a more secure platform in junk but the 78mm underfoot is less turny on the groomed. Myself, I'm edging towards getting an AC3 this year (a more modest 74mm) as a compromise.
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Talk to customer service at K-2. They helped me make that very choice.
I suspect that among ten skiers in these forums who describe themselves as "advanced" you would find five or six different levels of skiing ability. That means you can't know with any certainty whose advice is most suitable for you.
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The recon is one of the best skis produced.............period.

You will not go wrong with that ski. It is my everyday ski for inbounds here in Aspen. I ski the Mantra for fresh storm days.

go with the Recon you will not be disappointed.....If you are, [disappointed] and you get it in a 174, I will buy them from you!

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From what you have described, I would suggest that you strongly consider the Crossfire in a 167. One of the reasons your skis may be getting pushed around in the crud is because they are a bit too short. A little more length will help with stability. The Crossfire is very similar to the old Axis X Pro. At one time, this ski was marketed as the expert all-mountain go anywhere off-piste ski. Now, it is marketed as a 70% groomed vs. 30% off-piste ski. For the past five years, the Axis X has been my everday ski. It too is similar to the Crossfire without the metal laminate. It works well everywhere off-piste and shines in the bumps and on soft groomers. It's only weakness is on the firmest conditions. I'd expect the Crossfire to work equally as well and with the added metal and sidecut will be a superior performer in icy conditions.
I was lucky enough to demo the Recon last year at Alta in 18 inches of powder. The ski is a fantastic everyday West Coast ski. I personally would use it as my powder ski or a day or two after the storm when everything was cut-up. It works very well on groomers and in the bumps. But, like you mentioned, will be sluggish on the groomers and in the bumps compared to the Crossfire.

Here are some similar reviews from last season:

Good luck and demo if you can.
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I've been on the recons for 2 seasons now. They're very good. They've lightend and widened them and I was curious if anyone has noticed that difference. I find them capable in the bumps but they require a bit of brut strength sometimes.
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I skied on the 07 Recons Sunday and reviewed them here. That said, I didn't care for them very much in the 174. So, just another perspective...

I find that folks who prefer to ski with a more traditional technique (as opposed to the arcing that many are doing these days) really like them, FWIW.
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