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Skiing Mid December

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Here's the scoop. My GF and I are both 21 and looking to ski Dec. 14-17. We are from Houston and I'm an intermediate/advanced skier while this is my GF's first time skiing because she's always snowboarded.

Both have been to Winter Park before and thinking about it again. Where should be safe bets to head to during this time period?
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Check out Utah that early in the season...
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The front range of Colorado is off to a great start this year; places like Winter Park, Copper, A-basin, Loveland. Loveland doesn't have any slopeside lodging, but it's economical and often uncrowded for a day visit. Has some very mellow and scenic slopes from about elv 12000'. Good early snow record.
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banff area is starting out great...
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Anyone know how it's going to be in VT or ME during the same time of year? I don't have the option of going out west during that time, but will be in New England from Dec 15th til Jan 1, and wanna get some skiing done.

I always remember it being crappy in December in Massachusetts, and the last few times I've gone around Xmas were at Jiminy Peak (MA/NY) and Mt Snow VT and conditions were suprisingly good. It's been about 4yrs since my last time at MT Snow.
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