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#@^*&! Ups

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I ordered my skis from SAC.com mid-October and were shipped on Oct 23, 2006. I paid for traiffs/duty to be included so that I wouldn't have to pay UPS' brokerage fee, which I've seen as high as $50.

So what have my skis been doing?

They have moved nowhere in 11 days, so I called them. "Oh, they're going through additional inspection..." Oh yeah? BS. Contents are listed on the box, so give me my package...: Sure it may be ground shipping, but it shouldn't take more than 2 weeks.

[/rant off]
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Woh...time to switch to decaf.
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Can't... don't drink coffee. Maybe I should lay off the Red Bull though.

USPS can ship stuff faster, with cheaper duty and less hassle
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