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Buying used equipment

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So I started shopping today for new ski's - first time in over 10 years...

After I regained consiousness, I decided I needed much cheaper so I went ebaying. I found a company with perfect ratings and is a power seller. They sell reconditioned demo ski's - usually around $40 with another $30 for shipping, complete with demo bindings.

The question is are these worth the price and will the binding be ok?

Here's one I'm looking at:
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If you spend a little time on eBay you can do much better. I paid $69 for new Rossi Cobra X skis about two years ago.

Also, the want ads here at Epic have many good deals.

Spend $20 at and combine the research there with some time on eBay and do better.
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Personally, I wouldn't want to spend almost as much on shipping as on the skis. Also consider:

1 Lift Ticket would cost more than those skis.
Gas to get to the hill is half the cost of those skis.
Your Epciski donation is half the cost of those skis.

It's not a cheap sport, and since most of us here are gear freaks it's the last thing I'd want to cheap out on. You can probably find much better skis for just a few hundred dollars. And if anything, spend your hard earned $$'s on boots. Also if you're keeping skis for ~10 years, it's well worth it to get something in better shape. Just my opinion of course.

What type of skiing do you do? I'm sure others could point out some good deals knowing what type of ski you need.
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yea.. that was just an example.. I found some for $69 I like. My prob is my last ski's were long and straight Harts from the late 70's or so...
I really think I out to demo a few first and find what works for me. But for that price I could buy 10 pair of all different styles and not worry!

Now.. how to fit them all into a Cavalier.. hmmm
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singel.. my type of skiing is of the cartwheel variety... I know the taste of snow well... lol

I have a feeling alot of my time will be scoping out the local terrain and skiing on things like slag piles, freeway embankments and cornfields, with so far 2 planned trips to a real resort this year. And knowing my friends I will be towed behind a few 4 wheelers. My neighbour has already promised me a few tows. So I really don't want anything expensive right off until I get hooked. right now I need to get boots and other gear that are quality.. and some throwaway ski's.
I'm probably not good enough to even notice the difference other than lengths.
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barrettscv - sweet! Something like that could be my 'good' ski's while I much up the others being stupid - my fav hobby btw.
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RoboGeek, this is for Stowe?
What boots are you in?

That SX9 is a chomping deal, , , but if you can find an Omecarve it would probably go better for lessons.
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For stuff local to you, I see you more on things like:
driven by a boot like
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I'm going to try to make ESA Tahoe and some Crystal Mountain journeys.. maybe some other illinois things
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
What boots are you in?.
Get the boots first.
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Unfortunately he missed all but the tail end of swap season, and he'd need to go with someone from here or equivalent.
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yeah... the boots I wont scrimp on.. just like hockey and skating.. thats the most important

But I can't shell out $600 and have any left for skiing.. so I'm gonna try other avenues
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Your first best avenue is to go to a good ski shop and tell them your budget. There are boots from last years in back rooms still.
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thats what the plan is.. that will leave enough for tahoe and possibly stowe. Cutting out europe trips saved alot so I have a nice fund to spend.. lol
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