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MA of myself 2 seasons ago

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Ok much improved from where I was 2 years ago but dig this video up, icy day is all I can remember. Little self analysis just for kicks, throw your comments analysis into the pot. (video isn't ideal, shot from behind as you'll see)

1-Not enough flexing/extension and need more angulation
2-Upper body could be moving down fall line a lot better i.e. separation from lower body
3-Overall aggressivness is lacking, need to attack the fall line for short radius turns like that
4- Pressure down fall line and not spending enought time in fall line leading to zig zag vs S shaped turns, and maybe complete the turns a litle more (although at that speed I would have lost all momentum if i get the tips facing further up the hill)
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You must have put the film in backwards
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.test the to skills MA your put really will This .it hear lets ,pros on Come
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.rorrim a hgouht kool tsuJ
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Your in the front seat
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good one ghostrider, my apologies, being fixed new link in a few...
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dexif si ti ko


ok it is fixed
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makwendo99, there's a sequence to how you need to approach your skill development. Your immediate order of business is to work on your turn shape. Right now you're doing a very aggressive tail toss at the beginning of your turns. I'm referring to how you aggressively twist your skis into the new direction immediately at the start of a your turns. This is called a pivot. Pivots do have their uses, but typically it's not on the moderate terrain you're on in that video.

Your need to work on smoothing out your turns so that the direction change happens more gradually, and is spread out through the entire turn. Check out this thread, and work on the things I wrote in post #39. It's exactly suited for your present needs.

Once you get your turn shape issues straightened out you can continue with the remainder of my lessons in the thread and you'll have a training outline that will take you where you want to go.
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video has been removed by user

you have a new link?
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manus post 7 has the link
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both post 1 and 7 are giving me the same removed message
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well it worked before... he must have removed it....
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He was skiing switch in the first link, then reversed direction on the next one.
I couldn't tell up from down on it.
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apolgies all, youtube went FUBAR on me, trying to locate/upload again asap.
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