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Alta Report 2/29/04

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Damn. That is all. No pictures to share, not willing to stop to take any.

A 51 inch storm will do that to ya! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

(sorry, had to do it)
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I don't like the color green!!! Stop It!!!
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It was an epic storm alright. 50+ inches of snow since Thursday. There wasn't a mountain in this part of Utah that wasn't "epic"
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I can vouch for Solitude's "epicness"

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Mrs. Bb and I got some on Thursday and Friday - we were sad to have to leave the party on Saturday... Save some though - Mr. Bb will be back for more next week!
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I guess this has been a winter to remember, definitely of EPIC proportions… I’m glad I skied Utah and LT this winter. It’s been…well… for the lack of a better word… SWEET!

For the Snow Gods, way up there… a BIG EPIC ‘Thank you!’
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Trip Report

18 year old son and I "Went to Utah" last week. We had been trying for the last three years, but this year it worked.

Arriving in SLC on Tuesday we were advised by the gal at the car rental desk that "you can't get up the canyon sometimes, and it's supposed to snow "BAD"". We upgraded to 4WD!

Snow that night and 3-4 inches of fresh on a beautiful Wednesday at Alta. We haa! Can you say altitude induced wheeezey's? Fred's Trees was a constant source of fun off the Germania, or we wrapped around Sunspot and West Rustler to make fresh tracks in the wind drift. Those multiple traverses sure screw up some perfectly good vertical. 'comon people! Get high and stay high, drop when your ready!

More Snow on the way!

Thursday at Solitude, We skied the trees over and over. Middle slope, to Milk run off the Powderhorn lift had so many Deep fresh lines it brought us back after a venture over to The Headwall forest in spite of the often needed pole/duckwalk at the bottom. The Eagle Ridge area was not explored because the lift connection seemed so disconnected. The Summit was closed after noon due to the snow accumulation I guess (hard to take) but we just had such good conditions we could not complain. Well visibility was tough if out in the open. Trees are our friends..

Friday we went to the Canyons. Though we had much in common with others associated with ASC, at first we were a bit dissapointed. Heading for the ninety nine 90 lift we did get some good steep tree stuff and the peak #5 had some good stuff, but the area was mostly skied over with about 6 inches of new snow. Over to the Saddle Back lift, we found the goods! The Aspens held lap after lap of some of the best tree skiing I have enjoyed. Breaking at the knees while crossing mostly our own tracks. Then a scoot across the main novice trail (Easy Way?) and into the woods to the right again we got 8-10 of the dreamiest turns with steep snow breaking mid thigh, even when moving as fast . Hard to get a breath it was. And All Ours! Who would look for such excitement so low down? WE WOULD! and did.

Frosting on the cake, was day's end and the last trip down. Traffic was funneled to go down Doc's Run. We headed left, to Eagle or somewhere near and were rewarded with turn after turn after turn of untracked trees next to the open trails. Tree skiing to celebrate. Steep and snowy. Need I say that it was snowing hard at this time, with very limited visibility out of the contrast enhancing trees! Last "lift" was the tow rope back to the Gondola area, then the drive back to Draper.

Saturday was a return to Alta, where we were fortunate to meet up with AltaSkier. Great guy as he guided us around the tough stuff , lending us visitors a bit of Confidence. Thanks Alta It was great.
We didn't get as much freshies as we may have liked, but we had all the snow you could shake a stick at. Germania was a 15 min lift line. Oh! how weekends can make a difference.

More Snow, Our hosts in Draper were getting bummed about the continued winter weather. Hee Hee Hee Hee!

Sunday Snow Bird. 25 min to get on the tram and ascend into milky whiteness. Dropping on Regulator, we made bottomless turn after turn though the contrastless whitness. Skirting what little brush we could locate for visual aids. My son disliked the ambiguity of the whitness, so we headed for the Peruvian lift and skied the lower trees wherever we could find them. There were pleanty of great turns down there as most "skiers" grabbed the goods up high. A later retun to the Gondola and a trip in near blizzard condition down Mineral basin skiers right. Same discomfort with the Visibility, but boy was it blowing over the shoulders. Cough Cough Breath Breath.

We were advised that the LCC road was going to be closed 3 till 4:30 for avey control. We headed down the road at 2:45 Tired and Happy with a great week of Utah's Best skiing!

Home now to 40 degrees and spring mud, Little joy here but the memeory is good.

We Ha!

Happy Trails

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Also enjoyed the EPIC weekend in the Cottonwoods.

Thanks for the tips CalG. We headed to Solitude on Saturday, and the Canyons on Sunday. No lines, and face shots for all.

Also agree with CalG that the best powder shots were the small but sweet shots away from the big black areas like 99-90 and Condor. tombstone and Peak 5 treated us to the best shots of the day.

Thanks to the Utah snow gods for serving up the most memorable 4 days on boards I can remember.
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