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Up unitl know i have been a straight Alpine skier. I'm looking at getting into an AT setup. But, this year, i will probably still spend the majority of my time inbounds at Mt. Baker. I'm getting Fritchi bindings and i'm looking at the Atomic Janak. Since i will still be spenging a lot of time inbounds i don't want to sacrafice any ski performance by getting a ski that's too soft. I wanted to go with the Sugar Daddy but can't get my hands on them. I have a good price on the Janak. The Janak and the Sugar are the same dimensions but how do they compare performance wise? I ski hard, like it steep, like the heavy crud that Baker gets, not much time in the park (i do like some cliff action though). Considering what i'm used to, do you think i will be dissapointed with Janak AT setup? Should i just get a straight Alpine ski & mount the Fritchis on it? Other skis i have rode and like are the Mantra & Gotama. Pocket Rocket & Seth are okay but at high speeds felt a little noodley to me.